This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

Patio Doors, Bifolds, Conservatories and Orangeries are an excellent way for consumers to bring the outside into their home with almost a seamless synergy. And now is the perfect time to remind them. Safe and secure, they guarantee a feel good factor that homeowners find hard to resist when looking to expand or renovate their properties.

Equally for the commercial sector, a glass wall looking out onto a picturesque view will create a welcoming feeling for visitors that they will remember, which many hotels, golf clubs and spa destination owners have fully embraced.

Choosing the right exterior style for a building however can prove more difficult with the choice of colours now giving architects, designers and home owners much more to think about before making their final decisions.

Choosing windows that blend with an architectural design is just one aspect today, with colour now fast becoming as important as the overall look of a property. Whether it is a modern or traditional property there will be a style and colour that will suit the building.

Advising homeowners to choose a colour and a look that matches the overall style is well advised if people are looking to sell on the property.

Today colours play an important role and help to add true value. Windows can be doors too but the surrounds and their colour will be pivotal to making the design work.

Natural light and shadow both play their part in bringing out the best of a window or glass wall and shades of colour can really help to complement the light of a small or dark room. Demonstrating to consumers the merits of colour in this way really can help to close a deal. Architectural colour can also be an excellent marketing tool. For some businesses for example, incorporating the corporate colours into the business premises helps to reinforce the brand.

Colourful frames and accessories can improve the overall appearance of a property, but conservatories and orangeries manufactured in matching colours will ensure a striking finish to extension projects that add real value.

Whether frames are made of PVCu, wood or aluminium there are plenty of colours to choose from which will ensure that a property makeover will enhance its appearance. It is advisable to choose

colours carefully to bring out the best of the whole building with frames and doors all blending to complement each other.

That said, thanks to technology, pretty much any colour can be applied to window frames if home-owners truly want to make that personalisation statement in a bold way. Two tone colour palettes throughout a property also can be striking with frames and doorways being used to complement the trim of a home such as the eaves or gable ends. It can be a challenging prospect but it will be a good return on investment if done the right way.

Equally glass tints play their part and blending frames to sit alongside high performance glasses has become a popular design concept for architects and designers.

Windows and glass entrances are the focal point of any property but the interiors should also be considered, particularly when choosing colours. Some people want a cream or white interior with a bolder shade of colour or wood foil for the exteriors. The architecture of a home is unique to each individual and bringing out the best features can be done by highlighting windows, doors and extensions in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. Equally, interiors can mimic exteriors if preferred.

With companies such as Kolorseal providing options in virtually limitless choice when it comes to frame colours, there are great incentives out there for new business opportunities. With Spring now here, it seems timely to remind consumers that they have vast choice and great scope to add value by colourising their homes.