This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval

Yes! Of course they are! While some may consider that there seems to be awards cropping up in just about every sector and service industry, they are an exceptional way to recognise excellence whilst also being a great morale booster to nominees and winners alike.

Today, awards are very highly valued and even though there are some who feel events are biased the great thing about the NFAs is that the votes are done by the sector itself. Peers praising peers and recognising the best in the industry.

Awards create motivation across a company, and this boosts morale. Being part of a team that is nominated is a big incentive and instils pride in a workforce. Potential leads can be generated from the publicity that surrounds a national event. Winning awards can give a business prestige. Not just the winners but the nominees alongside. These companies have been recognised as the best of the best.

Winning an award helps with branding credibility and this gives massive potential for greater recognition in terms of accomplishments and customer service. Public relations goes into overdrive with people happy to be part of the association. Feeling great after a win is natural and when this has been achieved through peer recognition there can be no greater reward, adding to the prestige of winning the accolade.

Customers too love to be associated with ‘winners’ – being connected to them in business helps to raise their corporate profile in the process. Participating in award shows such as the NFAs really is worthwhile particularly if a company wants to profile a brand and expand a network. People look at nominees and winners as industry leaders so this will increase opportunities for sales leads and ultimately investment.

The Award events themselves can be exceptionally valuable opportunities to further build on reputations and network to a bigger audience. Getting behind the whole ethos of an award programme is a super way to boost a corporate image.

With Social Media and networking online growing at a phenomenal pace, the impact this has on nominees and winners is massive. Industry experts acknowledging excellence has now been over-taken by peer-led news that moves inordinately quickly via the internet. This gives rise to greater recognition at a faster pace than ever before.

Awards matter – in every sector they recognise commitment, quality and excellent teams behind a product or service – consistency seems to be the key to success. This type of recognition attracts the right type of customers and the right type of people to be part of award winning teams.

This year the NFAs has created a real buzz in the sector with more categories and even more nominations made by people within the industry. Quality counts and recognition of this by peers is evidently what the business leaders of this industry want to see more of as the voting results attest this year.

Well done for getting there…to all the nominees and very many congratulations to all the worthy winners!