This is your place to read all about the award categories this year and why we have included them. We’ll be giving you tips on how to best choose your nomination and hopefully answer any questions you might have. If we can’t here, then go to our FAQs page.

Social Networker 2014

The Social Networker 2014 award is our chance to recognise and reward some of the most hard working people and companies online. 2013 saw companies really getting to grips with social media and start to implement it into the way they run their businesses. This year, social media is going to make an even bigger impact on the fenestration industry. It’s only right that we start of an online based awards with a category like this.

When submitting your nomination, think about what that person or company has done on social media. Take into consideration the impact they have had I.e. their interactions with others, the business they have generated, the information they provide and so on. They don’t have to have the most followers, your nomination should be for a person or company you think brings great value to the industry online.

Hardware Company 2014

Hardware is an art form in the industry these days. It’s not just hinges and friction stays that make our products work. There is a huge range of contemporary and traditional ironmongery that is complimenting so many of the profiles out there. Add to that increasingly popular finishes such a stainless and brushed aluminium, as well as dark chrome and satin, it is hardware that turn a good installation into a classy one.

Hardware serves two functions in our industry right now; making windows and doors work efficiently and securely, and adding that final touch of elegance. Hardware component companies play such a large part in our industry, it is only right we recognise that.

This category is for manufacturers of hardware specifically.

When making your nomination, think about the quality and spectrum of products available from your business of choice. Maybe you have been a customer of this company for a long time and know their products stand above the rest. Or perhaps you want to nominate someone you don’t actually buy from, but know that what they do deserves recognition. Remember, only one nomination per category, so pick wisely!

Young Person 2014

This one created a bit of a stir last year. The inclusion of a builder who had previous experience in the fenestration industry didn’t seem to go down all that well. However, that didn’t stop this being one of the most nominated categories in the whole awards in 2013.

We wanted to include an award specifically for young people as we felt that during these harsher economic times, the 16-24 year old age group was getting an unfair reputation. We wanted to prove that there were plenty of young people, especially in our industry, that were working hard and going great things in the fenestration industry. Last year proved that so a young person award for 2014 was an absolute must.

The way to nominate in this award is simple. The person you want to nominate must simply between the ages of 16-24 and work in the fenestration industry. They can be from either the commercial or residential sector and be from any part of the company. All we ask is that when you nominate that person, you give them a good description. The better the reason for their nomination, the more chance they have at making the final voting phase.

Glass Systems Company 2014

There was a tie in this category last year. The voting was close all the way through, and on the final day of voting it did look like there was going to be an outright winner. But at the last minute a flurry of votes brought the voting back level and Pilkington and Saint-Gobain shared the spoils.

Glass is one of the biggest and vital components to the fenestration industry. It is the major glass houses that have spearheaded some of the biggest leaps forward in glass technology and have been the reason why our windows have become so energy efficient.

This isn’t one of the most populated areas of fenestration in the UK, but it is one of the most competitive and forward thinking and that is why it deserves a place among the 2014 competition.

When placing your nomination for this category, think about the quality of the products that company produces. Think about the impact that company has had on the fenestration industry in general.

Systems Company 2014

Where would we be without the systems companies? Well, we wouldn’t have an industry, it’s as simple as that.

The systems houses, just like the major glass houses, have been the driving force of all the latest and greatest product developments over the last few years. It has been their budgets and their R&D departments which has seen a raft of new innovations such as the heritage style PVC frames we have seen emerge and the improvements in energy efficiency.

This was a closely fought category last year, where VEKA managed to come out on top. We are anticipating another close competition in 2014.

Nominating in this category could be a little tricky. Consider the impact they have had in the industry recently. You might buy from them, think about the service they give you and range of products on offer. Your nomination might be for a company which has made the most progress.

This category is open for all materials: PVC, aluminium, steel, timber and composite.

Composite Panelled Doors 2014

The composite door market continues to grow and has become a dominant force in the entrance door sector of our industry. They have helped capture the imagination of the general public and have helped to inspire a design revolution in entrance doors. Panelled doors, although now not as popular, remains a mature market and continues to hold an important place in our industry.

The doors market has remained a very competitive sector and has grown more so over the last few years. An awards for fenestration wouldn’t be complete with recognising this very important and influential facet of our market.

As always, one nomination in this category. If you’re undecided who you should be nominating, think about the position in the market they have. They don’t have to be the biggest, but the most influential. If you’re a customer of a particular company, perhaps their product quality and service deserves their nomination from you. If they have a good marketing support and maintain a good relationship with you, again this should be considered.

Steel Company 2014

We were very disappointed not to be able to carry this award through to the final voting phase last year. When the awards were set up we were determined to be able to recognise as many material categories as possible, including steel.

Steel has such a long history within our industry and the material has been used on so many of the UK’s oldest and iconic buildings, including the houses of Parliament. So this year we really want to be able to hand out a trophy to a very deserving winner within the steel sector.

Despite it not being a material that is widely used, there remains quite a few specialist and expert companies in this field. It’s time the industry recognised the special place steel has within the industry.

The steel category is open to all types of companies within the chain. This includes steel systems houses, manufacturers and installers of steel windows and doors.

Timber Company 2014

Timber is making a very stylish comeback indeed. If you read the Insight Data market report on the industry in 2013, you will have seen how timber windows and doors are really starting to carve out a place in the industry once again.

There has been great advancements in the aesthetics of PVC, but when you consider that they have all been to try and imitate timber as much as possible, this tells you the sort of influence timber has had on the industry overall. Hence an award specifically for the timber industry is only right.

Dempsey Dyer were winners of this award last year, but there are a lot of worthy timber companies out there. Whether they install or manufacture timber windows and doors, all should be considered.

Take into account quality and aesthetics when nominating. Timber has always been about high standards so consider this when placing your nomination.

The timber category is open to all types of companies within the chain. This includes timber systems houses, manufacturers and installers of timber windows and doors.

Aluminium Company 2014

Aluminium is now nearly the second material of choice for nearly half of the UK window and door installers. The Insight Data report last year showed that of the installers that chose to add a second material to PVC, over 40% of installers went for aluminium.

The resurgence of the material has been spearheaded by the popularity of aluminium bi-folding doors. There is now a huge range of specialist aluminium bi-folding door companies up and down the UK thanks to their growing popularity and demand from the consumer. Because of this, the rest of the aluminium portfolio has come back into the spotlight.

Nominating in such a competitive and widespread sector is going to be a less than simple task. So think about quality standards, product range, service and marketing when placing your single nomination. This was a hotly contested category last year and we expect it to be exactly the same this year.

The aluminium category is open to all types of companies within the chain. This includes aluminium systems houses, manufacturers and installers of aluminium windows and doors.

PVC Company 2014

If you’re in the residential market, you will know that PVC remains the dominant material in the sector. This also makes it one of the biggest categories within the 2014 awards.

PVC isn’t the oldest material in the fenestration sector, but it’s rise was quick and put the aluminium and timber industries on the back foot – until now. It has transformed the residential market by giving homeowners a cost effective, low maintenance option of replacing older timber or aluminium windows and doors that are inefficient compared to their PVC counterparts.

The sector, because it is so big, remains highly competitive. There are installers, manufacturers and systems houses of all sizes and all types. There is now a timber-alternative PVC market within the wider PVC sector which has gained a significant customer base over the last few years.

Nominating in this category isn’t going to be a breeze. There are varying degrees of quality within the PVC market, but factors like customer service, marketing and customer support should also be considered.

VEKA were the winners of this award last year. Who will be crowned champions of 2014?

The PVC category is open to all types of companies within the chain. This includes PVC systems houses, manufacturers and installers of PVC windows and doors.

Digital Specialist 2014

The industry really has embraced the digital world over the last few years. The pace of change in technology within fenestration has spawned a whole raft of specialist digital companies doing some great things. Within the window industry we have a very competitive and constantly innovating digital sector – so it’s only right that the NFAs in 2014 recognises this.

Nominating in this category is simple. You can choose your nominee providing they provide a digital product or service within the fenestration sector. This can include people and companies such as:

  • Pricing software businesses
  • Data services
  • Web developers
  • Digital PR companies
  • Web design companies

These are just examples, but any company which provides a digital product or service will be allowed to be nominated in this category.

Timber Alternative 2014

One of the strongest growing sectors in fenestration is the timber alternative sector. The growing requirement for timber aesthetics has spawned a growing and very competitive market which thrives to provide highly engineered PVC and aluminium products which gives the end user all the looks of timber, with all the modern low maintenance perks.

The growth and strength shown in this sector means that it is only fair that this year’s NFAs recognise this.

This category is specifically for the companies that produce these products, rather than the installers of timber alternative products. This category is also specifically for materials which emulate timber, so not including timber. These can be PVC products, as well as aluminium and others.

The timber alternative sector is growing at a good pace so we expect this to be a very competitive category!

Manufacturer/Fabricator 2014

Last but certainly not least, we wanted this year to recognise the hard work and dedication of the UK’s manufacturers and fabricators.

We gave this category two names simply because most of the industry refers to this sector by both names.

This category is open to manufacturers and fabricators from all material types, including PVC, aluminium, timber and steel. We’re looking for the best manufacturer/fabricator spanning all material types. Given that, choose your nominations wisely!