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Clippings And Musings – February 2019

This is a regular monthly featured article in our Clippings & Musings series by our Editor Helen Duval Another excellent exhibition season looms on the horizon and already the FIT show is talking about important topics of the moment for the glazing sector. Industry leaders are looking at the event as a positive way [...]

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Clippings And Musings – January 2019

This is a regular monthly featured article in our Clippings & Musings series by our guest Editor Helen Duval When it comes to the housing market there is an expectation that this year will prove to be very much like last, - a general trudge that will keep moving slowly. Divorce and death will [...]

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Clippings and Musings – November

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval, part of the long running Clippings & Musings series of pieces There is a real concern that house prices could fall across the country next year, if the government fails to reach a Brexit deal, according to one senior economist. Howard Archer, chief economic [...]

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Clippings & Musings: Exhibition Season

This is a guest article by our guest editor Helen Duval Autumn is a season full of exhibitions that pretty much cover just about every aspect of construction.  Whether it’s ways to reduce heating costs, aesthetics, solar control, safety or just novel concepts that simply make life all that more simple or beautiful, there [...]

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Staying Safe – Protecting Both Young and Old

This is a Clippings & Musings article by our guest editor Helen Duval Protection of the elderly and vulnerable remains the highest priority for manufacturers when looking at creating new security technologies. For installers and manufacturers it is always sensible to remind homeowners about keeping their homes safe.  Regularly checking locks on all doors [...]

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The Tragedy Of Substandard Products

The horrors of Grenfell Tower seem to be haunting the news once again and the tragedy of substandard products continues to raise its ugly head.   According to the BBC Panorama programme the insulation that burned so rapidly out of control, had never passed the required safety test and it should not  have been on [...]

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Demand For Housing?

This is a Clippings & Musings featured article by our Editor Helen Duval There seems to be continuing issues regarding the supply and demand for housing, despite mutterings that the housing market is still buoyant, it would seem that UK millennials must brace themselves for the possibility of a lifetime of renting. The supply [...]

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Clippings & Musings – Glass

When it comes to glass in buildings its evolution goes back hundreds of years with holy paintings created in stained glass not only to depict religious meaning but to open up the building itself to more light.  It also helped to encapsulate and portray the divine within churches and holy buildings. It’s renaissance now [...]

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Will Climate Change Lead To Water Based Cities Being Developed?

Exploring new avenues is a continual journey for most architects and combining climate change into new design continues to bring new challenges. One of the key factors that preoccupies most of us in the UK is weather …we continually discuss it and more importantly the rain, which seems to dominate our conversations and reinforces [...]

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Why Independent Awards Mean So Much

What an incredible Awards season this has been!  The industry has come together to focus on the merits of the great and the good, acknowledging through a fair voting system, the high standards that are now synonymous with the glazing sector.  New awards and new winners in the #NFAs this year has made it [...]

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