Edgetech Heads To Dusseldorf For 25th Annual Glasstec Expo

This is a sponsored article by Edgetech Warm-edge experts Edgetech have returned from a highly successful appearance at Glasstec 2018. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Glasstec is one of the world’s biggest and most respected glass industry trade expos, and this year drew more than 42,000 visitors from over 120 countries to Dusseldorf between the [...]

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Eiffel Tower in top shape for 130th birthday thanks to Edgetech’s Triseal

This is a sponsored article by Edgetech It’s one of the world’s most famous structures and an instantly recognisable symbol not just of Paris, but France itself. This year, the Eiffel Tower will mark its 130th birthday – and state-of-the-art Edgetech innovation is helping ensure it’ll still be delighting visitors for decades to come. [...]

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New laboratory to accelerate Edgetech innovation

Warm-edge experts Edgetech are gearing up for future innovation with the opening of a new research laboratory. Situated at the company’s Coventry headquarters, it’s been built to enable Edgetech to develop new products, assist customers in meeting accreditation and compliance requirements, and generally distribute technical expertise more widely throughout the company. Thanks to parent company [...]

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Edgetech – Energy Efficiency Pioneers For Over Thirty Years

This is a sponsored article by Edgetech (UK) Ltd Chris Alderson, Edgetech MD, discusses his firm’s role in driving constant innovation in energy efficiency. We’re living through an energy efficiency revolution. In not much more than the blink of an eye in historical terms, it’s been catapulted from the niche concern of a tiny [...]

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Edgetech to be official IGU Manufacturer category sponsors for #NFA18

Following on from their sponsorship of the IGU Manufacturer category during the 2017 campaign, leading spacer bar manufacturers Edgetech (UK) Ltd are to once again become official sponsors of the very competitive award category for the 2018 National Fenestration Awards Campaign. Edgetech are one of the UK’s largest warm edge spacer bar manufacturers. Originating [...]

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Edgetech (UK) Ltd Joins NFAs As IGU Manufacturer Category Sponsor

Edgetech (UK) Ltd, one of the industry’s leading spacer bar manufacturers, have joined the growing NFA community as a sponsor of the IGU Manufacturer Category for the 2016 campaign. Edgetech, a previous winner of the Spacer Bar Manufacturer category during the 2015 campaign, joins at a time where the awards have moved into the voting [...]

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