Underwater Living – A New Experience With Glass At It’s Heart

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval Future living will definitely be very different a hundred years from now, and we could well be living in underwater cities and even 3D-printed homes. Studies that have looked at the way things could develop for us all show that buildings and interiors have [...]

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A New Concept In Airport Design Focuses On Glass

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval The new International airport in Istanbul, Turkey, partially opened last month, and as one of the most progressive designs of recent years, is set to make quite an impression with access to Turkey far easier. Glass, it appears, has been a large part of [...]

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Clippings and Musings – November

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval, part of the long running Clippings & Musings series of pieces There is a real concern that house prices could fall across the country next year, if the government fails to reach a Brexit deal, according to one senior economist. Howard Archer, chief economic [...]

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Are Business Awards Still Worth The Time And Effort?

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval Yes! Of course they are! While some may consider that there seems to be awards cropping up in just about every sector and service industry, they are an exceptional way to recognise excellence whilst also being a great morale booster to nominees and winners [...]

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A Greener Christmas For Everyone

This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval Carbon neutral products and manufacturing methods are a real focus for this sector, with eco-friendly products being a key area of development, and we thought we would look at ways that this philosophy can be incorporated into Christmas planning. For those who tend to [...]

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Hegla Further Strengthens Custom Glass’ Leading Market Position

Long-term efficiency combined with tailored solutions were key aspects to HEGLA being the preferred machinery brand for market leading glass processors, Custom Glass, when investing in advanced modern system solutions. An Optimax cutting table complete with a fully automated Rapidstore system was recently installed to ensure the company could work at full capacity. Laser technology [...]

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Contech Conservatories Expands Its Range

Leading trade conservatory roof fabricator Contech Conservatories has recently expanded its product range with the addition of a number of ancillary options which will give customers greater opportunities in terms of design options and growth potential across the domestic and commercial sectors. The Stoke-on-Trent based company has experienced an extremely busy period over the first [...]

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Liniar and Avantek Go Live!

The 2019 FIT Show announced its marketing theme at a recent Exhibitor Day – Everyone’s Going Live. The people in our industry have always been the stars of the FIT Show’s previous marketing campaigns, and this time around is no different – but this time, video is at the heart of the campaign. Liniar and [...]

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Demand grows for greenteQ innovative folding handles

Innovative SecuriFold and CentreFold folding handles from VBH’s greenteQ Clearline range are growing in popularity among aluminium and PVC-U fabricators due to their unique design. Both products fold down vertically when not in use– a neat feature that is proving appealing for aspirational-style home improvements. SecuriFold has been developed with bi-fold and slide and fold [...]

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