Partnership Between HEGLA And Bystronic Glass Terminated In Mutual Agreement

HEGLA and Glaston Corporation have decided to terminate their cooperation agreement due to changes in the companies’ competitive positions. The agreement, which was entered into in 2012 by Bystronic Lenhardt GmbH, Conzzeta AG, HEGLA GmbH & Co. KG, and LEWAG Holding AG, will be terminated by year-end 2019. The purpose of the co-operation agreement [...]

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HEGLA Bystronic Glass Win NFA Machinery Company Accolade For Second Time

Best Machinery Company accolade was awarded to Bystronic glass HEGLA partnership in this year’s #NFA19 independent glass awards. With the industry backing the nomination, this second award recognises the innovative system solutions designed for the UK glass sector. For Steve Goble and Paul Gibbs the NFA win represents the hard work and commitment provided [...]

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Hot on the heels of HEGLA’s ‘Best In Show’ success at GlassBuild 2019, the Bystronic Hegla Preferred Partnership has once again been nominated in the best Machinery Company Award with the NFAs. Recognised as innovative system solutions suppliers for the UK glass sector both companies have been recognised by customers for their hard work and [...]

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HEGLA, Glaston And Bystronic Glass Set New Industry Standards At Regency Glass

An investment in machinery and equipment from three of the UK’s leading machinery suppliers, will take one the industry’s foremost IG unit manufacturers to a next generational level. HEGLA, Glaston and Bystronic Glass recently completed a state-of-the-art installation at Regency Glass, which firmly places the company as a main player in the sealed unit [...]

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Exceptional Guarantees from HEGLA’s Rapidstore

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA The pedigree of the Helga brand is well recognised both nationally and internationally with glass processors who make investments in reliable machinery and quality standards. The experience of the engineers ensures that a business can stay ahead in challenging economic times. Increasing efficiency and output remains a [...]

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New Investments At Vetroseal Give Greater Quality Assurances

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA UK / Bystronic Glass Vetroseal, a leading independent sealed unit supplier, has recently installed a Bystronic glass 2.3 x 3.5 m IG line as part of an investment programme that will support the company’s business plans moving forward. The Vetroseal journey has been one of excitement, change [...]

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Engineering Excellence At Your Fingertips Via Bystronic glass HEGLA UK Partnership

Bystronic glass and HEGLA are well recognised as premium brands with design innovation and engineering excellence considered the best on the market by customers. With glass processors investing large sums of money in precision engineering systems such as these, the support and training for customers that accompanies that must be exceptional. Keeping the machinery working [...]

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HEGLA – Taking Customers Forward With Smart Technology

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA Customers of the Bystronic glass HEGLA Preferred Partnership have made investments to stay ahead of an ever changing market. Whilst innovation and technological advances continue to be priorities for both companies, the design engineers are skilled at simplifying manufacturing processes to improve profit margins for customers. Automation [...]

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The HEGLA Group Celebrates Success Heading Into 2019

This is a sponsored article by HEGLA This industry recognises leaders who are interested in developing innovations that create a bigger picture value - not just in relation to stronger, faster performance for their customers, but also for employees to feel a strong security in regards to their working environment. The HEGLA group saw [...]

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Hegla Further Strengthens Custom Glass’ Leading Market Position

Long-term efficiency combined with tailored solutions were key aspects to HEGLA being the preferred machinery brand for market leading glass processors, Custom Glass, when investing in advanced modern system solutions. An Optimax cutting table complete with a fully automated Rapidstore system was recently installed to ensure the company could work at full capacity. Laser technology [...]

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