This is a guest article by our guest editor Helen Duval

Autumn is a season full of exhibitions that pretty much cover just about every aspect of construction.  Whether it’s ways to reduce heating costs, aesthetics, solar control, safety or just novel concepts that simply make life all that more simple or beautiful, there is something for just about everyone from builders and installers to architects and home DIY enthusiasts.  So it’s showtime again and what a line up there appears to be to visit.

At the end of September, the Homebuilding and Renovation Show will see self-builders and renovation experts descend once again on Excel in London.  Here visitors will be able to gain free one-to-one advice regarding both current and forthcoming projects from experts across the building and DIY sector.

Inspirational home renovation ideas are always welcomed by an eager DIY audience looking to add their own personal touches to projects.  Furniture, ground source heating, home automation and staircase renovation are a few key areas that will be on display to attract homeowners and architects evaluating the next trend in aspirational living.

Further afield, there is a buzz about Glasstec this year with Industry 4.0, the next industrial revolution and optimising investment being key for companies looking to take a leading position in the marketplace.  Dusseldorf remains the highlight of the glass processing exhibition world and the continued success of the leading trade fair shows people are still prepared to travel the globe to see the latest innovations for the sector.

R&D departments alongside marketing teams and company owners are already planning their trips and it will be exciting to see how the lead generation and conversion figures fare post event.  Likewise, discovering the UK’s positioning in relation to the US market will be interesting, with GlassBuild America on the close horizon, opening its doors on October 19 this year in Nevada.  It will be an event to watch in relation to future market progression with our neighbours across the Atlantic.

UK Construction Week will take place again a 9 – 11 October with the 9 Construction Shows opening their doors at the NEC in Birmingham. So another date for your diary and this remains a very popular event.  Innovative design and high specification products will no doubt be on display to attract sales, inspire installers and to make life safer and more beautiful for the all important end user.

While installers, builders and architects can revel in the potential of tomorrow’s innovations,  there appears to be a hopeful attitude out there, with many companies remaining positive about putting aside considerably large budget for these types of events.  Face to face discussion is always highly valued by exhibitors as the possibility of new customers coming on board is enticing and will hopefully lead to new business growth for many.

As with any trade show footfall varies from day to day, but sitting alongside trades that complement each other such as gardening and roofing, has to be a good thing to create opportunity for growth.

Grand Designs Live is always an excellent discovery platform with quality, security and cost saving benefits always important considerations to visitors.  Energy efficiency and tailored design seem to moving together with consumers clearly drawn to reduce energy costs without losing anything in terms of product quality.

Naturally, ROI will be key for many people regarding the decision making process,  which is not particularly news to anyone, but design-led living is now far more achievable and the message that consumers can have it all seems to continue to inspire the crowd to invest.