This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval

It is no secret that many people have looked to expand their marketing programmes by producing videos to help redefine their corporate profiles. Website links and social feeds attract huge attention when videos are uploaded with visits increasing rapidly once they are up-loaded.

The National Fenestration Awards is a leading news portal that many are using to help gain greater coverage with business videos and vlogs.

Business people have realised that this route is now a major way to boost a marketing strategy, with online campaigns now the information channel of choice for many companies, large and small alike. Consider how many upload videos onto their social feeds of completed installation projects, or new machinery working fast to increase output.

Animations in a video really support the content and these give weight to the overall message being conveyed – they are also extremely cost effective and for an explainer video they help to substantiate the main topics, quickly and effectively.

Evaluating the audience for an animated marketing video is essential so that the message is conveyed in the right way. By viewing a video the audience is captive if content has been carefully structured. Rather than selling something it is better to plan how the message can be best understand and by considering a very important fact – once the video has been watched, the viewers life has got better because of that. This establishes trust in a corporate brand as well as the key people involved which ultimately, should convince them to invest.

If the content discusses features and benefits continuously, the viewers will switch off as the purpose is to give a solution.

Whether downloads, purchases or making appointments are the videos purpose, ensure that the message is clear, concise and that there is a direct call to action at the end that is simple.

Motion Graphic Animation quickly conveys a message through its graphics and with constant movement it is very easy to follow, making it a perfect solution to explain and clarify more complicated services or products, this is really useful if no-one will be presenting during the video. If there are presenters, ensure they know how to engage an audience.

When you combine live action and animation together this is a clever way to build trust with a viewer while keeping them entertained with the illustrative animations.

At the National Fenestration Awards the team is very familiar with video promotional work and can advise company’s on how best to strategise their communication needs. Remember every video is a key attribute to a company’s entire corporate profile.

For anyone looking at the best ways to increase corporate awareness in relation to video or marketing strategies, the team can give excellent advice on increasing business potential.