This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

How quickly can your organisation adapt to digital change and the evolving expectations of your customers?

Building automation is great news for innovation and progress particularly with security and control-ling costs at the forefront of people’s minds.

Running a company is an expensive business and for SMEs through to large corporations, trying to keep control of things such as utility costs or security can be a massive problem. For buildings such as The Shard for example how does the building’s management team stay on top of things on all levels?

Building Automation Systems (BAS) are big business, and technological advancements are providing management companies with very clever tools to monitor and control the day to day systems.

These days, for those who have bought into building automation, nearly all the centralised systems are programmable allowing for zones, temperatures, air conditioning and entry to be controlled easily. With a purpose to provide a consistently comfortable and safe environment for occupants, there is now a belief that a technical solution for larger scale building projects in the future is essential.

Different types of ‘smart’ automation is now making energy efficient buildings to run even more cost effectively, via lights, HVAC systems, and even solar energy.

Previously many business premises needed to be switched on and off manually but now technology is taking control and high-tech is becoming increasingly popular.

The automated systems control areas such as thermostats, which have built in memory and can adapt temperature automatically according to the time of day – keeping life comfortable at a steady ‘pleas-ant’ temperature.

Building owners and managers can gain deeper insights into running costs. With improved wireless networking technology and cheaper production costs it is now far easier to integrate top grade BAS and save money in the process.

Optimizing occupancy is the core need from any BAS and using the information it provides to help with the overall energy efficiency of a building. Many feel that high performance BAS is not a luxury reserved for the larger towering structures dominating our cities’ skylines but that will soon be an essential for all sized business premises.