Late on Tuesday evening, the Wall of Winners competition came to a close as a three-way tie was decided on Twitter to crown the overall champion. Throughout December, the industry had been voting on the Wall of Winners, the culmination of each monthly Cool Wall winner, to decide who should have the titles of the coolest installation of the year. However, there were three tied installations at the end of voting. So we took to Twitter to decide who should come out on top.

We announced the three tied finalists on Twitter, and asked users to retweet the installation they thought deserved to win. The installation with the most retweets would be declared winner. It was close for a time, but in the end it was Luxal Glazing’s installation that ran away with in in the end, with 18 retweets from industry users. This was their winning installation, which was the March Cool Wall winner:


This was a commercial installation using a Raynaers aluminium product. It was submitted all the way back in March and proved a popular one when it came to the voting. We’re pleased to see that many of the submissions on the Cool Wall this year have been from the commercial sector. With so much focus on the residential market, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the commercial sector pumps out some stunning work too.

To celebrate their efforts, Luxal Glazing will be invited, along with this year’s category winners, to a day of hospitality in the early part of 2015. The day will focus around driving some high performance race cars on one of the UK’s top racing tracks, and will of course include the handing out of trophies to all the deserving winners of the NFAs this year.

It really is worth taking part in the Cool Wall in 2015. It’s absolutely free to enter, no need to register either. It’s one of the industry’s best places to show off your work. And if you’re a winner of the monthly Cool Wall competitions, you could be in with the chance to be declared overall Wall of Winners champion at the end of the year!

We have seen some truly amazing work on the Cool Wall this year. It really has been a pleasure to post your work on the walls. There is some very high quality work going on out there, you should all be very proud of that. We’ll be back with a new Cool Wall on Monday 5th January. We look forward to seeing your work in 2015!