As you may have noticed, we undertook a re-brand of the established Cool Wall competition at the start of the year. It became NFA Projects.

We felt it reflected a more professional and rooted look to that part of the NFA competition, considering that we are now in our fifth campaign.

After a good start to the year, with winners being voted for in January, February and March, we did notice a drop off in demand for this part of the NFA campaign. We also noticed a drop off in interest in this kind of monthly installations competition across the industry as installers rightly focused on running their own successful companies. There now remains only a few active monthly installation competitions.

As this was happening, we were also getting to grips with a much bigger main awards campaign. We launched with 24 categories this year, easily the biggest so far. We wanted to shine a light on parts of the industry that had not been given their well earned attention. At 24 categories this makes the NFAs by far the most inclusive platform in the UK fenestration sector.

The reality of that was we found ourselves running behind on NFA Projects. Slowing participation and increased work with the core of the NFA campaign meant we have been patchy at best when it comes to this part of the campaign. We have always tried to be as honest as we can be from the very start, so we have to hold our hands up and apologise to all involved in this part of the NFAs.

What now?

Even at this late stage, we believe that it is still worthy of finding and crowning an installation that wows us all. After all, there is the rest of October and November to run, before the end of year shootout. So this is what we plan to do next.

Find a monthly winner on October and November. But to expand the competition, those who place second will fill in the months of April and May. From our stock of already uploaded projects, we’ll pick some wildcard entries to complete the line up.

In December, as planned, there will be the end of year shoot out where you will all have the chance to click and vote for what you think is the best installation of the year. The winner of that competition will then be invited to the 2018 Winners Event in early 2019 to pick up their well deserved trophy and enjoy a day and evening of hospitality and entertainment.

Moving forwards into 2019, we shall be discussing ways to ensure that this part of the NFA competition can reach more and more parts of the industry, but to also make it easier to take part. We will also be looking at ways in which to make it simpler to run from our end, to make sure that this scenario doesn’t happen again.

We hope that you will continue to play your part in the entirety of the NFAs up until the very end of the year!

Yours Sincerely

Jason Grafton-Holt