This is an article by our Editor Helen Duval

Last month saw the industry come together in Doncaster to celebrate the NFA Winners from 2018. The aim of the event is to set the achievement benchmark across the sector which recognises exceptional people, companies and projects in a fair and just way.

With more people becoming interested and choosing to be part of the Awards and all they represent, the NFA team is working diligently to fairly recognise success. It also is a viable platform to bring into focus some of the challenges facing the industry and to help create a more positive arena for everyone.

As the UK currently faces a substantial skills shortage the Awards offer encouragement and acknowledgement that will help to create a positive impact and will help to kickstart the next generation.

This year there were more categories than ever before and voting reached an all time high, proving that the industry is engaged and looking to find ways of sustaining a positive future for the sector. The Awards intend to raise awareness of innovation and technical advancements by bringing into focus the quality standards across the board.

Our Award sponsors are also an important part our Winners’ event and by working collaboratively with them we can highlight the important and very relevant issues. Through these associations we can also share ideas and look at ways in which we can influence changes for the better.

April 27th was a day that gave people the recognition they truly deserve and as many said, it was one not to be missed. With all nominating and judging decided by the industry this ensures that the Awards are fair and gave everyone at the event a positive discussion point.

In a fiercely competitive market the NFAs help to differentiate companies, products and services as well as the skills of individuals. By being nominated is a recognition as being one of the best in the business.

On top of all that there are great marketing opportunities for a company whether as a nominee, winner or sponsor. Nominees have told us that they have gained greater exposure for their business and this provides a great narrative for social media that lasts.

Bringing together the best in the industry generates a confidence in the future, with a growing list of high profile attendees, many are enjoying the event as a way to chat and discuss the important topics of the sector, in an informal, social setting.