As if you needed reminding, this year’s voting in the National Fenestration Awards ends at 11pm tonight!

We have had thousands of votes cast so far, and as expected, there is a flood of last minute votes coming through during these last few hours. At the time of writing this, many of the categories remain tight, with the majority still up for grabs. So if you haven’t yet cast your, these last few hours is your opportunity to do so, and it only takes a minute.

How to vote

Taking part is easy. Click here to go straight to the voting page. Once there, you are free to browse through all the nominees in each category and then place your vote. Also on that page is the voting form. All you need to do is fill in your name, your email address and the company you work for and then you’ll be free to browse all 24 shortlists by clicking the “Next” button. Each person can cast one vote in each category, which means each person has a maximum of 24 votes to cast if they so wish. Press the “Submit” button and that’s it, job done!

As it stands

At the time of writing, only a few categories are actually decided. The mass majority of categories are only separated by a handful of votes, and since last night the winning company and persons in most of these categories have changed places. This means that right up until the 11pm deadline every single vote absolutely makes a massive difference.

What happens after

At 11pm tonight, the NFA website will go into maintenance mode for a short period of time over the weekend whilst we get ready for Winners Week which begins the following Monday at 9pm.

Between now and the start of Winners Week we shall be carrying out the incredibly important task of manually checking the votes to make sure each one is genuine and relevant to this industry. Any duplicate votes, any non-industry related votes, any manipulative/pattern/block voting which is design to create a false result will be removed in accordance with NFA House Rules.

In the past abuse of our open system has been very limited, however, we have removed votes from a handful of companies in the past that have tried to abuse the open system we have created. This year will be no different. The credibility of votes and the platform is absolutely paramount.

All #NFA18 winners will be emailed with various versions of their winners logos, as well as information as to what happens next. This will also be published on the NFA site once all winners have been announced. We’ll be publishing our full plans for the 2018 Winners Event in due course.

But, before all the fun begins, these last few hours are crucial. It’s all up for grabs! Get those final votes in!