For those looking at getting onto the property ladder, it must be a bleak prospect to consider how and where to start. Adapting existing buildings that have been used for office space has been considered as an option but even then there are huge cost implications regarding deposits and mortgage criterion.

Looking at the bigger picture beyond the house itself, there is an impact when looking at city expansions or suburban sprawling. Schools, health and welfare all play a huge part in the huge issue.

Supplying to demand seems impossible to an ever-increasing population. For the more vulnerable in society there seems to be a never ending waiting list with forms and protocols that must be assessed and approved before anything can be actioned.

Those requiring Housing Association schemes, graduates and younger professionals are all in a very similar boat, with conditions and pricing making owning a home increasingly difficult. It never seems to end.

There have been calls for the more elderly to consider downsizing to address the housing shortage issue.

Off-site manufacturing is repeatedly being raised as a suitable house building substitution that can offer space and eco-friendly alternatives for first time buyers.

Perhaps prefabricated homes can create a feasible, alternative option that will help to minimise construction costs? Naturally, there could be some who will query will quality standards in respect of the finished home. Yet this style of property is not the design from yesteryear that offered little to the occupant in terms of thermal guarantees.

Traditional housing takes months to complete, however prefabs can be created in just a few weeks. Things have changed and so have building standards so hopefully the finished prefab is now a serious contender.

A one bedroom eco-home can be purchased from a Manchester-based company. Here sustainable homes that are quick to construct, provide an striking finished home at an affordable price. Simple and clean design provides a home that can be enjoyed quickly.

Huf Haus homes offer stunning architectural features including glass elements that ‘extend from gable to floor depth’ and can be planned with no extra charge. Thermal insulation and temperature control are all incorporated into the prefabricated housing options here. The bonus? – they are affordable and they look exceptionally different to the prefabs from the Forties.

Contemporary prefabricated buildings have now started to make their mark in the building community. And… they all need windows and doors! For small scale developments they offer a viable option for the eco-conscious communities that prize carbon neutral options as a ‘must have’.

Perhaps previously, prefabricated homes came with a ‘stain’ that they were never as good as a traditionally built property but it would seem that the tide is turning in its favour as solution for the needs of modern society.

A lot of companies are evaluating the opportunities that prefabs can offer – as a solution to the housing crisis they do offer first time buyers a solid route forward .

Buying the land to put it on of course, is a completely different issue.

Helen Duval 2019