Here is the initial list of categories which will be included in this year’s National Fenestration Awards. Many consist of the same categories as in 2013 due to their popularity. But as you can see, there are a few categories which remain to be decided. It is your feedback that will help us decide what the last remaining categories for 2014 should be!

Social Networker 2014

Hardware Company 2014

Young Person 2014

Glass Systems Company 2014

Systems Company 2014

Composite Panelled Doors 2014

Steel Company 2014

Timber Company 2014

Aluminium Company 2014

PVC Company 2014

Digital Specialist 2014

Timber Alternative 2014

Manufacturer/Fabricator 2014

There will be 13 awards for this year, as well as the monthly Cool Wall competition which will run alongside the main ones.

Like last year, we will be making a new category live each week to ease you all into it, and they will all remain live until later on in the year. We’ll be announcing when nominating will start very soon, so keep checking back here, or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest NFA related news!