This is a sponsored post by Camden Group

The Camden Group, the market leader in manufacturing and supplying PVCu windows and doors in the UK, are working with the Carbon Trust to establish a ‘Carbon Trust Footprint Label’ accreditation on their A-rated windows.

Carbon Trust Footprint Label certification will demonstrate Camden’s commitment to environmental sustainability to customers, employees and stakeholders.

The project is headed up by Phillipe Pernstich and his team from the Carbon Trust have visited the company’s 42-acre site in Northern Ireland to find out about Camden’s environmental and manufacturing processes, including the on-site recycling plant.

The plant currently recycles approximately 160 tonnes of old PVCu frames every week, that would normally go to landfill. The 80% of the recycled material is then used in the inner core of their own multichambered window profile called ‘Inliten’­­­.

The outer side of the profile is manufactured from only 20% virgin material – one of the lowest contents on the market today, which also ensures UV sustainability of the product.

If successful, Camden will be able to place the universally recognised footprint label on all their window products later this year.

Keith Rimmer, Group Commercial Manager at Camden Group said: “We are delighted to be working with the Carbon Trust team because we all have the same objective in-mind, which is protecting the environment.

“Camden is committed to cutting our carbon footprint further, with plans to install a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system on the site, which is a highly efficient process that captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process.

“More and more customers are asking the question about Camden’s sustainable product offering, the industry is changing, and Camden Group are best placed for this change.

The Camden Group’s windows are a truly environmentally-sustainable low carbon offering for both installers and the consumers alike, who are more aware of the environmental impact of their buying decisions than ever before.”

Camden Group’s windows also boast a 15-year guarantee which demonstrates the confidence of the product in the market.

In-line with producing environmentally friendly products, the Camden Group is also manufacturing ThermocillTM, —an innovative new product which helps reduce energy bills.

Made from 100% recycled plastic waste, ThermocillTM  is aimed at the housing market and can be fitted retrospectively in any existing home or to new builds on windowsills, above radiators. The simple device redirects the rising heat, warming a room many times quicker and therefore saving on fuel bills.