greenteQ Mirage Fingerprint Padlock

Forget about keeping a key for your padlocks. Mirage is a robust short shackle padlock that uses fingerprint recognition rather than a key for locking and unlocking. Operation is very quick with an average recognition time of half a second. As well as the convenience of not needing a key, Mirage can be programmed [...]

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Open Letter: Supply Chains And Price Increases

Mike Parczuk, Managing Director, discusses. I speak to our installers every day. ‘Exhausted’, ‘stretched’, ‘frazzled’, probably describe how they feel best. We’re in a boom but that’s come with a unique set of challenges, so to be talking now about price increases and disruption to the supply chain - we recognise it’s the last [...]

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Victorian Sliders in the running for prestigious business award

Europe’s biggest sash window manufacturer is celebrating a finalist spot in the prestigious West Wales Business Awards. Victorian Sliders, which has invested over £10m in the last five years, has been shortlisted in the sought-after Manufacturing category. The Ammanford-based firm now has the capacity to make a sash window every 40 seconds at its state-of-the-art [...]

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