This is an article by our guest Editor Helen Duval

As Christmas and the New Year are now rapidly hurtling their way towards us, most of us will be looking at organising the fun and festivities, and perhaps panicking about last minute shopping. Yes it’s that time of year again…holiday cheer, mulled wine, family visits and gifts together with an increase in crime. As sure as Mariah Carey and Michael Buble will be blasting from just about every car radio in existence, sadly we also know that crime will rise too.

This time of year reminds us to focus on the security of our homes as a lot of people tend to begin stockpiling presents which will be at the forefront in the minds of many opportunistic burglars.

Smart Home technology is quickly becoming popular with the ‘Internet of Things’ making home security much more reliable. Remote locking systems used in conjunction with smartphones and apps have inspired homeowners to invest and they appear to be simple and relatively cost effective solutions for smart security around the home.

Likewise, during the holidays, if travelling away, it would seem our driveways are not necessarily that secure, with cars also a target to thieves. Companies such as Advanced Keys Ltd, have introduced products to help combat car theft, being a global supplier to the trade of car keys, fobs, remotes and transponders. TDB1000 key programmer is the very latest in modern technology and is offered by the company without the need for tokens or subscriptions to be purchased. Based in Birmingham, the company offers a comprehensive range of automotive products all of which complement the huge range of key programming systems and anti-theft devices available.

Getting Smart At Christmas

As innovations in smart security continue to be developed to combat home burglaries, these types of systems offer a level of personal control that are providing enormous peace of mind. A typical entry level solution might include a couple of door and window sensors as well as a motion detector that link to an integrated hub. All of these then communicate with the WiFi system which can be connected to an app or smartphone. The entire system can be expanded to give greater security options with lights, sirens and outdoor surveillance options all possible to include if desired.

For those with more limited finances then the iCloud storage option makes a more cost effective storage solution. Being able to personalise a system where specific rules can be created to ensure the components work together seamlessly is a very appealing option.

Whether it’s camera surveillance or a comprehensive home security system that doubles as a home automation system this is a growing business sector for installers.

Notice The Small Things

With companies such as Solidor, Distinction Doors and Yale, amongst others, all working hard to help lower the crime rate, with some top quality security products protecting our ‘castles’, there are still those who will seize an opportunity if there are vulnerabilities.

Many reformed burglars have given words of advice on remembering the simple things. Thieves don’t want to get caught but they are happy to assess. This is where elderly relatives could be vulnerable if they haven’t had their window and door locks checked.

Also, with many people at work during the day, this seems to be the preferred time to try to break into someone’s home. If the front of a house does have potential weaknesses then the back of a property will generally be even weaker.

Making sure there are no giveaway signs for them to return should be a priority. Leaving keys on hooks that are visible will mean that it will be only a matter of time before another attempt to break in will occur. Calendars that can be seen from the window will also tell a burglar when it will be all clear to come back knowing they won’t be disturbed.

Incredibly, computers are not the main target but information on them could be, as this can be used to steal identities or even blackmail the owners.

Leaving tools in sheds or garages is also another risk factor that could leave a home susceptible to a break-in.

Small things like remembering to switch on alarm systems or installing windows with integral blinds such as those in the Morley Glass range, which help to maintain privacy will prove invaluable investments.

Christmas Wishes

Being the last Clippings and Musings of 2018, I wanted to just take the opportunity to remind you that once again Lee, Jason and the team will be wrapping presents for children who are unfortunate enough to be in hospital this year. If you feel you would like to contribute or give a little support and encouragement to everyone then do contact Lee – he does such an excellent job of bringing a little Christmas cheer to the children, their families and the nursing staff.

Looking towards 2019, we have some great creative projects underway which we are already working on with customers. As we look at expanding services even further, the entire team would like to send you a special greeting at Christmas to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for the support.

Hoping everyone has a very happy and healthy Christmas and of course, a very prosperous 2019.