If you’re a #NFA17 finalist, congratulations, and you’re in the right place!

This page is going to become a resource, packed with tips, tools, logos and a profile page setup form, all designed to help you promote your #NFA17 success thus far and to help squeeze out a few extra votes where you can.

We are designing a range of finalist logos that you will be able to download from this page, but that will also be sent to you via email for you to use in your print and digital marketing, as well as any other place you think they need to be.

We’ll be providing a hints and tips list to help you promote your case for votes to the industry, whilst staying within the rules of course!

There will also be a form to fill which will provide us with all the details we need to set up your profile page. Profile pages will be linked to your company names on each category page, where people will be able to find out more about you and hopefully persuade them to give you their votes. Plus, it’s a bit of free publicity, and who doesn’t mind a bit of that!

This page will be updated with all the above in the coming days, so keep checking back on a regular basis. We’ll be emailing all the winners individually in the coming days too.

Good luck to all the #NFA17 finalists!


Hints and tips

To aid you in your quest for votes, we have provided you with a few hints and tip in the form of bullet points to help you get those crucial votes, and to make sure you stay within the house rules of the National Fenestration Awards.

  1. You don’t need to be logged in to cast your votes. We have dropped the requirement for people to be logged into the NFA website in order to take part in this year’s voting. As we grow, we look for new ways for everyone to participate. Voters will still have to submit certain details in order to vote, but this is to allow us to verify votes during the competition.

  2. Each person can cast one vote in each category. That means each person can technically cast 17 votes across the whole of the National Fenestration Awards.

  3. Please only vote once. We will know when people have duplicated votes and we can remove votes at our end if we believe they have been cast. This is to protect the integrity of the vote.

  4. Use the logos below as part of your promotional campaign. Naturally, if you’re a finalist, you’re going to want to encourage others to give you their votes. During the course of this voting phase, you will see emails, tweets, Facebook posts, adverts and many other things be used by people and companies to help them garner votes. And that is fine. Those logos are there for your use.

  5. Profile pages. There is a contact form to fill in on this page. If you’re a finalist, please fill it in. This will allow us to create your FREE profile page which will be linked to your name on each category page. On there, people will be able to find out more about you, what you do, and why people should give you their vote. Plus, it’s a bit of free advertising!

  6. Every vote counts. Each and every year there are always a number of categories that are decided by just one or two votes. Casting votes at the start of the campaign and hoping you’ll make it to the end as a winner is no guarantee. All finalists will be spending the whole of the voting campaign battling for votes, you should too. Every single one really does count.

  7. Voting closing date: Thursday 30th November 10pm. Voting will close by then. If you don’t place your vote by then, you’ll have to wait until the 2018 campaign starts to be part of the next one.

Downloadable finalist logos

Simply right click and save the logos you wish to use as part of your promotions to push for votes

PNG Logos

JPG Logos

Profile Page Information

Fill in the form below so we can set up your FREE profile page linked to your company name for each category you’re a finalist in!

Profile Page Info