In an industry where time is often of the essence, Hallmark Composite Doors stands out by offering some of the fastest lead times in the UK for their made-to-order doors. Recognising the ever-increasing demand for speed and efficiency, Hallmark is pushing the envelope even further with the new ‘Express Door’’ range.

Depending on when an order is placed, these high-quality, doors can be delivered from from just 1-5 days.

These doors are available off the shelf, are prepared for immediate dispatch, ensuring that urgent needs are met without compromising on quality.

Hallmark Composite Doors is not just meeting expectations but setting new standards in the market with their swift and reliable delivery options.

Ideal for but not limited to.

✅ Fast doors
✅ Social housing
✅ Landlords
✅ Break-ins
✅ Stock doors
✅ End-users in a hurry

Hallmark have chosen the most popular configurations suitable for a front door, back door and utility door.

These are the same quality doors from the main range with the same 10-year warranty.

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