The 1st award goes to a team and charity, which was established in 1996, GM Fundraising. Over the years they have raised well in excess of £1,000,000 with events supported by the glass and glazing industry. We have watched the GM Fundraising team at many events including charity golf tournaments, annual gala dinners and a charity football tournament and their enthusiasm to raise money for their supported charity, Hope House Childrens Hospice, never ceases to amaze me and it is a pleasure to watch.

With people like Gary Morton and Alan Sadler leading the way and key GM Fundraising team members like Adrian Barraclough, Graham Bailey, Paul Godwin, Dave Broxton, Iain Mcinnes and Andrew Glover the support they garner from the industry is nothing short of spectacular. The planning for some of these events is nothing short of amazing including the Border 2 Border bike ride and of course the recent Paddle 2 Peddle which raised a staggering total of over £100,000 alone!

The team consisted: Clare O’Hara (Epwin Group), Katrina Earl (Epwin Group), Christina Shaw (Glass News), Natasha Erskine (GGF), Charlotte Davies (Edgetech), Sarah Ball (Balls2Marketing), Tina Moorhouse (Oakland Glass), Deborah Hendry (Kolorseal), Amy Perrin (Quickslide), Helen Noble (Liniar), Nikki Dunbar (Liniar) & Sioned Webb (ALUK), and were supported by Gary Morton (GM Fundraising), Alan Sadler (GM Fundraising), Graeme Bailey (GM Fundraising), Mark Bache (Epwin Group), Megan Bache, Emily Bache, Dave Pullis, Glyn Moorhouse (Oakland Glass) and Justin Lazenby (Glass News).

The main reasons behind this award is to give credit to an organisation that not only raises the reputation of the glass and glazing industry through the kind hard work they do and the vast amounts of money they raise to support this very worthy cause but also because i know this team believes that raising money for this cause means absolutely everything to the Children of Hope House. Whenever I see the team at industry events I remember the same line they repeat with absolute focus every time they talk about the GM fundraising “Its for the kids”

Once again Credit to Gary Morton and Alan Sadler and the team for all their hard work over the past 21 years.

If you’re looking for a charitable cause to support over the next year these guys are certainly worth talking too.

For more info about  GM Fundraising and Hope House please follow the link:

Well done and good luck in the future GM Fundraising!