Being in the middle of another lockdown is hardly how anyone wished this year to begin, but here we are once again. The HEGLA team fully appreciates the difficulties, hard times and uncertain prospects that face us all.

Now, however, is the perfect time to re-evaluate manufacturing procedures to see how production can be improved. This could be speed and efficiency or even production space.

HEGLA’s PVC racking and storage system is a versatile product that can provide solutions for manufacturers struggling with a lack of space on the production floor. Additionally, it provides numerous health and safety benefits. Although HEGLA is well recognized for its expert knowledge in glass handling, cutting and storage systems, the company also excels in providing solutions for the profile market.

The increased warehousing efficiency this system provides allows companies to maximize upon the space in existing facilities, without the need to look at moving into larger premises – so the car park can be used as exactly that – a space for cars not as an additional product storage area. The idea is to use the height of the premises rather than just the flooring. Traditional racking in most cases only uses 50% of the floor space because there are gaps between all the fixed racks, the Helga system has one moving gap, therefore, doubling capacity.

This year, more than ever, health and safety have been brought into focus, and many processors and manufacturers have had to re-structure the layout of their premises due to legal requirements. For HEGLA, health and safety are always of paramount importance and the HEGLA PVC racking solution houses a number of features including a safety light beam which protects those working within the system as well as an audible warning device to inform operatives when the racks are moving.

The concept was developed to allow the racks to sit side by side without a gap and can be easily adjusted either automatically or manually to suit production requirements.

The HEGLA racking system provides additional health and safety advantages, including the elimination of organising an entire warehouse every day before staff arrived. Also, it guarantees that machines and products do not adversely affect movement for workers around the production floor.

Enhancing the storage capacity and efficiency in old or new premises is fast, efficient and developed to tie in with specific production schedules, as the HEGLA team tailors each system to an individual customer’s requirements.

The extra capacity added in the same factory footprint will help to avoid burying any stock which should ensure the correct rotational use of product. This means not just using the “easiest to get to” method of stock rotation, and this should naturally lead to more accurate control of stock.

Whether it is required for smaller or large premises, the system is created to cater to individual business storage needs. This includes products such as the semi-automatic floor to ceiling concertina racking system for bulk quantities or the smaller manual concertina option for small products.

Unlike the cantilever structures that are fixed to the floor with working gaps between each section for forklifts to operate, the HEGLA racking option offers substantial benefits with the need for only one moving gap along the whole run.

Operators can decide upon a position where profile is stored and then that gap is opened to allow the forklift to enter. The motorised coupling bogie system on which the racks sit, allows the gap to be closed whilst another section is opened for another amount of stock to be moved or stored.

Meticulous attention has been incorporated into the design with the racking solutions manufactured to meet all current industry standards and produced in individual corporate colours if so required. This enables customers to optimise the storage of all sized goods and weights in any facility.

The computer-aided design ensures the best solution for every project with each installation not only meeting the existing storage requirements of most companies but, importantly, provides additional capacity for future growth.

Paul Gibbs, Sales at HEGLA UK comments, “In simple terms the HEGLA racking system will provide a complete solution at a realistic cost that will quickly pay for itself, why move buildings when customers can utilise space that is already available.

Also, currently, the team is supporting customers and available to discuss any issues, whether it is machinery sales or breakdowns. We are still here to discuss your needs.”

For more information on the HEGLA range please call: 0330 124 5759