The biggest part of the window and one of the biggest parts of the industry, the IGU sector continues to be one of the most competitive and cut-throat areas of our sector. There’s been a lot of industry discussion of late about this part of the market, with topics like supply at the top of that list. But, they are a vital cog that we simply cannot be without. They are the ones that push the evolution of the window and door forwards. There’s plenty of companies in this sector, and the voting list is a strong one this year!

Voting list:

  • Double R
  • Morley Glass
  • Clayton Glass
  • Ecoglass
  • Oakland Glass

How To Vote:

To cast your vote, simply fill in the form below. Not only can you vote in this category using the form, but you can submit your vote for all other categories while you’re here too. We have worked to make the voting process as quick and simple as possible. It should only take you a minute. Each person can cast one vote in each of the 24 #NFA18 categories.

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Simply fill in your voting form, click the “submit” button and that’s it. You’ve played your part in helping to decide UK fenestration’s best in this category. The person/company with the most votes by Friday 26th October 11pm will be the #NFA18 winner in their category.

To help you decide where to place your votes, each company will have the chance to set up their own profile page. These will become live and appear in BLUE once we receive then information requested from them and you’ll be able to click the name of each nominee to view their profile page.

Good luck to all the finalists!

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