Korniche brand’s bi-fold system offers a plethora of benefits to make it the number one choice for installers, retailers and consumers alike in 2022

‘Engineered to Inspire’ from the outset, Made For Trade’s multi award-winning Korniche brand was founded with the mission to bring inspirational products to light via innovative design and engineering.

As a recent addition to the portfolio, the bi-folding door system’s attributes are already seeing it follow in the footsteps of the renowned lantern roof’s sales success, which since launch in 2016 has received multiple awards for its impressive design and aesthetics, including both builder and homeowner accreditation.

Created as a completely new system from the ground up, the MFT engineering team behind the Korniche bi-fold created a product that encompasses precision, simplicity, and refined aesthetics to design an uncompromised class-leading glazing option driven by perfection.

The combination of smart technology and inspired visuals means slim, industry-leading sightlines for the consumer thanks to low-profile extrusions, along with with robust long-lasting functionality and security with breathtaking elegance.

Every single component from the polyamide thermally broken profile with sharp clean paint lines to the smallest unseen fitting has been meticulously engineered to ensure the unrivalled quality that not only consumers have come to expect from Made For Trade, but also those involved in trade supply and installation.

From patented fitting innovations to industry-leading compartmentalised parts box and precision tolerances, quick and hassle free fitment and glazing has become another MFT hallmark that is proving hard to beat in the trade. Whether you are set to become an installer, supplier or looking for the right bi-folding door system for your project, the ease of installation – each and every time – saves fitting hours and as a result maximises value for all concerned.

Korniche includes a wealth of features that have succeeded in improving heat retention and security, but also functionality and aesthetic appeal. The slim profiles maximise natural light to flood the living space, whilst the aluminium extrusion offers the next step in accuracy. This means tighter tolerances and ease of fitting, but also impeccable weather resistance, incredible heat retention, and low maintenance.

The security aspect remains at the forefront of any Made For Trade product, and with enhanced protection as standard with Korniche it is designed in from day one. The bi-fold doors and their durable frames come rigorously tested to keep homes fully protected – they are certified to the advanced PAS24:2016 standard, including a three-star Yale locking barrel, high strength shoot bolts and multi-point FUHR locking.

The MFT engineering team’s way is always to innovate, with clever security details including a unique new shoot bolt handle with an anti-back drive element. As a result, even if left unlocked a forced entry attempt can’t rotate the handle to open the door – this kind of reliable, robust touch sits at the forefront of fenestration security in 2022.

Other innovative design touches include a shoot bolt handle that is impossible to open if the key is left in the lock (therefore preventing any possible damage), sealed bearings in the stainless-steel wheels, and lateral rollers residing in a unique pivoting axle that allows the wheels to follow any misalignment in the stainless-steel tracks underneath – doors have been rigorously tested to glide effortlessly with class-leading smoothness for years to come.

Engineered with versatility in mind, the configuration allows either a standard threshold or a rebated integrated cill with a low 52mm stepover height, whilst build options allow sashes up to 1.25m, systems up to 6.5m width and 2.5m height, and between one and seven sashes in total.

All are in multiple configurations of stacking and direction, whilst frame and doors are available in white, grey, black or dual colour for a striking contrast, plus any BS or RAL colours in matt, satin or gloss for striking big impact projects. All are expertly powder coated for a consistently smooth, low maintenance and durable weatherproof finish.

High-quality bespoke hardware is available to match or to contrast – the traffic door and shoot bolt handles are available in black, white, grey, polished chrome or brushed stainless steel.

Korniche bi-folds also feature a world first that will be of maximum interest to the installer – a unique and patented clip-in internal glazing bead that looks set to be the standard by which all other systems are judged. As another industry first for Made for Trade, the mechanism uses an outer section of traditional powder coated aluminium to match the surrounding sash, yet with the high tolerance to work as the clip-in bead element.

Thanks to the high precision materials and manufacturing tolerances with no wedge gasket used, the result is that beading time for the installer can be reduced to a matter of seconds per sash. Furthermore, a unique deglazing tool is supplied with each kit that engages down the glass line to remove beads quickly and easily in a couple of seconds, enabling glass to be removed without risk of damage to the powder coating finish of the bead or sash.

Korniche bi-folding doors are supplied pre-assembled and ready to glaze, whilst high efficiency insulated glass unit options include Planitherm Total Plus or Planitherm One as well as laminated options, with low-E coatings that minimise the amount of ultraviolet and infrared without compromising the amount of light transmitted.

Tested down to -45°C and up to 85°C, Warm Edge Technology offers significantly improved performance to reduce thermal conductivity, providing lower heat loss as well as up to 2dB lower noise transmission and reduced condensation by up to 70%.

Finally, a comprehensive 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee against all part and manufacturing defects offers unbeatable peace of mind and backs up the assurance that Korniche products are engineered to the highest standards on the market.

Combined with MFT’s investment in the latest fabrication methods, Korniche delivers better quality with unique features and aesthetic appeal, so consumers can enjoy glazing innovations that are not only stronger, slimmer, safer and warmer, but also that can be installed with speed and ease; elevating the design of a project into a magnificent living space in the smallest timeframe possible.