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Award Category: Composite and Panelled Doors Award 2013

About Lister Gallery Doors: Well, What can we Say!?

Listers Gallery Doors is a Composite with a Difference. In fact several differences.

Most Composite doors are single rebated and a single straight slab, while Gallery Doors are Dual Rebated just like a PVCu Door.

Most composite Door Slabs/Sashes are 44mm thick while Gallery Slabs/Sashes are 68mm thick.

So What? I hear you cry!

Well, the dual rebate provides extra weatherproofing and an extra seal. So it’s very thermally efficient. In fact the door can achieve a U-Value of just 1.0 W/m2K.

The extra 24mm depth to the slab (That’s 55% thicker than most other slabs) also adds strength, weight, security and solidity to the door. So customers like the positive feel to it as it closes.

And, for the Installer, The Gallery Door is as simple to install as any PVCu door, having the glazing already installed there is need to toe and heel and the multi-adjustable hinges are easy to tweak.

Listers Gallery Doors are a little Different … But our Trade Installers have found them to lots of Big Advantages.

So… please can we have your vote?  For doing something a little different…

Phone Number: 01782 391900

Email Address: Sales@listertf.co.uk

Address: Unit 2, Govan Road,
Fenton Industrial Estate
Stoke on Trent, Staffs ST4 2RS
United Kingdom