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Kolorseal Ltd

About Kolorseal Ltd

Kolorseal is a market-leading colour specialist providing one of the broadest ranges of colour coated products to the fenestration sector in the UK. The company offers exceptional quality colour coatings for uPVC, glass and metal coated products.

Based in West Yorkshire, Kolorseal has over 15 years of experience and provides colour coated uPVC, glass and metal products, with a customer-oriented focus that promises guaranteed satisfaction and peace of mind. Roofline products, including cladding, soffit boards and rainwater products are also offered in virtually any colour. Kolorseal has taken home personalisation to a whole new level, giving homeowners, builders and architects huge choices. While extruders aim to supply a good colour choice, they can be limited to quite specific colours.  The Kolorseal process provides a molecular bond with the surface material, making it part of the structure rather than simply adhering to the product. This gives the coating resistance and lasting quality, which does not warp, shrink or fade.

A 10 year guaranteed is provided thanks to the resilience and quality of the coatings. The Farrow and Ball colour chart is always a popular option although products can be coated in almost any colour. Kolorseal offers a 5-day turnaround with delivery available direct to site or factory across the UK. For fabricators, Kolorseal is a great resource that can provide alternative colours to an existing range. Debbie Hendry, Managing Director considers the market has endless possibilities: “For people who want a real advantage then adding bespoke colour options will strengthen their business, as our customers frequently tell us.” Debbie concludes, “The quality guarantees associated with our high calibre range are reflected in the positive results we have achieved. This is all backed with our performance guarantees and reliable national delivery service.”

Contact Kolorseal Ltd

WF12 9BG

Tel: +44 (0) 1924 454856


Brisant Secure

About Brisant Secure

You don’t have to wait weeks for a master key order to be delivered anymore. If you order your master key needs from Brisant, you can expect your delivery in 2 to 4 days’ time (depending on how many there are!). Every lock in the Brisant range can be made to a master key system, giving you the option of a fully kite marked suite with our BS range or a Sold Secure Diamond suite by using Ultion. Opt for Brisant-D, and you can include rim locks, bullets locks and Scandinavian oval within the set.

Not having the right lock means ordering the right lock, waiting for it to be delivered, then going back to the site – an expensive nightmare. Ensuring that you always have stock for every eventuality means cash tied up in locks being carried around for months (or even years) – an expensive nightmare. We do locks for locksmiths; our locks take the expense out of being a locksmith. Combine the Brisant modular lock with the extreme simplicity of our pinning system, and you can have a keyed-to-keyed alike lock made up and ready to fit within a couple of minutes. No ordering, no waiting, no return visits. Simple.

Get the ultimate peace of mind by knowing that you can ‘break’ any two locks from your stock and re-join different halves to make an entirely different lock.
Some seasoned Brisant customers report that they have this down to less than two minutes!

Hopefully, you’ll be getting the picture of how Brisant locks are designed to make your locksmith life an easier and more productive life.
Pinning our locks is a piece of cake too. By tapping the key code into our website, you can immediately get the pin code combination.

With Brisant’s modular design, you can assemble a thumb turn in seconds, on-site and without the need to leave your customer stranded without a lock. Whilst a Brisant pinning kit is really practical, it’s not too hard to imagine accidentally dropping one of those itsy bitsy little pins into a different compartment. That’s why we made all of our pins a slightly different colour to each other; now, when you have a 3 amongst the 5’s, it is super easy to spot and pop back in its rightful home.

Contact Brisant Secure

Address :
2-3 Staincliffe Mill Yd,
Halifax Rd,
WF13 4AP

Telephone: 01924 410200



About Masterframe

Masterframe founder Alan Burgess pioneered a new direction for the design after helping create the UK’s first dedicated PVC-U box sash in 1984. Shortly afterwards, he set about creating a market for PVC-U sash windows.

As a sash window specialist, we do not manufacture any other products. We’ve been making sash windows for more than 32 years; this gives us a good handle on what makes perfection. We believe this makes us an authority on the subject and gives us a special enthusiasm and appreciation for sash windows that drive us forward in terms of product development and manufacturing the best timber alternative sash window product available.

Dedicated to retaining the elegant proportions of traditional windows through continuous innovation, creative flair, and passion, you can be confident we set extremely high standards with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.

You’ll find we’re not cheap. Indeed we’d go so far as to say we’re considerably more expensive than other sash window producers. That’s because we include more, do more and taking like for like, you can expect us to be excellent value for money.

You set the standards with your own specification, the benchmark you expect your new windows to attain, using the components you require and that you believe is right for your project. We will help you understand what is important and set out to exceed all expectations.

As conservation officers across the UK have found, if you decide to invest in our products, your perceptions of PVC-U will probably change for good.
Every component has been analysed, modified, and improved to make the most authentic PVC-U sash window possible. We’re passionate and dedicated to creating perfect styles and manufacturing truly authentic designs of traditional sash windows.

Since 1988 we have dedicated enormous resources to making sash windows that replicate the designs and recreate the magic that only this style offers. Ours are as true in appearance to the originals as it’s possible to be.

We will make any design of the sash window you need; we just want you to enjoy windows that work well, are energy efficient and secure, and provide years of trouble-free usage. As a trade installer buying sash windows for clients, you will appreciate the comprehensive range of colours, styles, and designs you can offer. This will provide them with real choice, along with sensible pricing, delivered to you free on the UK mainland, on time and in full.

Contact Masterframe

Address :
4 Crittall Road

Telephone: +44 (0) 1376 510410



About Timberweld

Timberweld is a unique, patented method of joining PVCU or aluminium windows together. The result is a perfect wooden butt-joint as if it were a mortice and tenon joint; what’s more, the effect is visible on both the outside and inside faces of the window.

Rather than seeing nasty diagonal weld lines or corner grooves (a dead giveaway that they are plastic windows), leading manufacturers have adopted our unique method of joining corners. The window system of your choosing just finished with perfectly sealed corners to recreate an authentic, timber-look window.

Timberweld technology has been created to allow window and door manufacturers to produce better quality; premium finished products that look identical to their timber counterparts. You can still choose your preferred system, Residence Collection, Liniar, VEKA, Kommerling, Rehau, etc. With the wood-grained, foiled finish, however, instead of settling for mechanical, open-ended glues, or screwed joints, you can now insist on a welded solution that has superb technical performance, strength, and above all, beautiful aesthetics. Fall in love with your windows and home again insist on Timberweld joints.

Very few consumers want plastic windows; they much prefer a “maintenance free” window which looks just like a wooden version. Gone are the days of 45 deg, mitred corners (unless it’s mass-produced for social housing).

Sure it’s possible to assemble mechanical corners; they can be glued and screwed but are so labour intensive, problematic, and costly. By investing in a few end millers, and specialist welding plates, it’s possible to weld squares at the same rate as standard; it’s just a little extra milling that’s required.
With every corner being perfectly sealed, you get hassle-free production, a quality finish and normally a product that installers are willing to pay extra for.

Become a licensed manufacturer! If you are a manufacturer of casement windows, flush sash or doors and would like to own a licence to use Timberweld technology, then we would welcome your enquiry. The license comes complete with a certificate and full use of the Timberweld logo, including guidelines for use, window stickers, and product information leaflets, and you’ll feature on our website.

Contact Timberweld

Address :
4 Crittall Road

Telephone: 01376 510410


building our skills

Building Our Skills

About Building Our Skills

Building Our Skills – Making Fenestration, Glass and Glazing a Career of Choice – is committed to bridging the growing skills gap faced by the industry by working closely with employers and other organisations to attract new entrants and by upskilling the existing workforce to ensure it can meet future challenges and continue to prosper.

We have a wide range of campaigns, including working with the education sector to make youngsters aware of the Fenestration Industry as a career of choice; with the military to engage ex-service personnel, and raising awareness of the benefits to business of a more diverse workforce to show our industry as a home for everyone.

We operate three academies, Inspiring Talent Academy, Practical Training Academy, and Sales Academy to help upskill existing industry employees to encourage them to truly choose Fenestration as a career of choice, not just a job for now. We offer a mentoring programme and a supporters programme and a range of other ways to get involved and support the campaign to bring new talent to our industry.

Our aim is to inform, encourage, support and inspire.

Contact Building Our Skills


0114 553 6066