NFA info and house rules for the national fenestration awards

The National Fenestration Awards are fun and free to enter. But to make sure the platform is used fairly and isn’t abused by members of the fenestration community, we have set out some guidelines and information below which explains how we’ll be keeping an eye on proceedings.

How To Get Involved

Taking part in these awards is absolutely free. Nominating is open now and can be done by going to our Nominations page.


You will be able to start nominating in each of the categories.

  • You can only nominate one person/company per category
  • You can nominate yourself in the awards – this will use up your nomination for that particular category and will not guarantee you will make it to the final shortlist
  • You can nominate people from your own or another company
  • Once you have nominated in a category, you will not be allowed to nominate again

Abuse of the System

The National Fenestration Awards aims to be the fairest and most impartial awards in the UK. However, to keep this platform free from abuse and manipulation, we have built-in a system that alerts us to any potential abuse of the system.

We kindly ask that each person only nominate once. We will be monitoring the database to make sure people and companies stick to this advice. If we find that there has been some abuse of the system, we will take appropriate action to make sure it doesn’t affect the overall outcome of the awards.

Important: nominations and votes must come from people associated with the UK fenestration industry!


As with the nominations process, each user is allowed to vote once. Voting will take place via a survey that will list all the finalists per category. Each user has one chance to fill in the list completely.

Note: if you finish the survey early without voting in every category, you won’t be able to return to the survey.


We encourage everyone to take part in these awards, whether by nominating, voting or simply drumming up the support around the office. People and companies are free to encourage others to support their efforts in the National Fenestration Awards.

People and companies are free to use social media and other forms of promotion to help aid their exposure within the awards. However, if this active encouragement starts to drift into abuse of the system, this will be monitored to ensure the awards remain as unbiased as possible.

Contact and Interaction

We are big fans of social media. The National Fenestration Awards were partly born because of the fenestration industry on Twitter.

To find out the latest news and announcements, follow us on Twitter: @NatFenAwards – if you’re not on Twitter, then why not?! There is a huge double glazing community that is very active and has become a very productive place to be.

Our official Twitter hashtag is #NFA22 so if you’re going to tweet about the awards, make sure you include the hashtag!

If you want to contact us by other means you can do so via our email: