Welcome to the 2019 Cool Wall! We aim this year to make this the very best monthly installations competition not only within the history of the NFAs, but of the whole industry this year too.

In previous years we have always had a very high standard of entrants uploading their projects to be voted on. This year, in our seventh campaign, we want to maintain that high standard, and attract even more to participate in this part of the wider awards.

What is the Cool Wall?

The NFA Cool Wall is the National Fenestration Awards’ monthly installation competition. Companies are free to upload images of their best projects completed recently for people to then vote on which they believe to be the coolest.

How it works

We run a monthly competition every month until the end of December. Each month companies, both installers and fabricators, can upload images of their best projects in order to try and win people’s votes and be declared coolest for the month. Companies are free to upload as many different projects in a month as they wish. Fabricators must credit their installers if they are uploading either on their behalf or to take part in the competition themselves.

To upload, either use the form below, or use the same upload form on each monthly competition page.

This is the NFA Cool Wall Dashboard. Each monthly winner will appear on this page as well as the banner on the home page. Each monthly winner will go on to our end of year Cool Wall shoot out in December, where the industry will vote to declare the coolest installation of the year. The winner will get two free tickets to the 2019 Winners Event, which includes hospitality, drinks, entertainment and of course the 2019 Cool Wall trophy. Not bad a result for uploading a few pictures!

Competitions like this show off the very best work our industry does, so we encourage as many of you as possible to take part! Good luck!

January Cool Wall – CLOSED

Winner: Rohaus

February Cool Wall – CLOSED

Winner: Aztec Windows (Coventry) Ltd

March Cool Wall – Closed

Winner: Glazerite UK Group


Winner: Taylorglaze Ltd

May Cool Wall – CLOSED
June Cool Wall – LIVE!
July Cool Wall – Coming Soon!
August Cool Wall – Coming Soon!
September Cool Wall – Coming Soon!
October Cool Wall – Coming Soon!
November Cool Wall – Coming Soon!

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