About the company:

aïr was launched by Everglade Windows in 2013, as the most impressive range of bi-fold and lift & slide doors. aïr delivered the full package to installers looking for premium domestic aluminium for design-savvy homeowners.

As aïr’s impressive range of doors grew over years, including the aïr 800 bi-fold door, aïr 500LS & 600LS lift & slide door, aïr 20SL sliding door and aïr MOD-Series entrance door, so has the demand for an aïr window system to complete the aïr collection. 

That’s why the aïr 80HI was developed. The high-insulation flush aluminium windows feature slim sightlines and incredible energy efficiency to offer a full suite of premium aluminium glazing for the domestic market.

Why vote for you:

aïr 80HI windows should win New Product of the Year as it’s genuinely different to other systems on the market. The impressive window offers one of the only high-insulation, flush casement aluminium systems on the market, backed by the extreme engineering and captivating aesthetics that aïr is known for.

The window was launched at the Everglade Trade Customer Conference in July to great feedback. Customers were particularly impressed with how slim the frame was compared to other flush aluminium window systems.

aïr 80HI offers U-Values from just 1.0 W/m2K and is available with either double or triple glazing. It is watertight up to 600pa and wind resistant to 2400pa. The window comes with high-security reverse espag locking and is PAS 24 certified as standard.


Website: http://www.discoverair.co.uk/

Phone: 020 8998 8775

Email: info@everglade.co.uk

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