About the company:

It’s not what they do, but what they enable others to do that matters most. AluFoldDirect manufacture and supply aluminium bi-fold doors, slimline windows, glazed roof lanterns and commercial glazing to trade, builders, self-builders and DIY. They offer unlimited design options and focus on the finer details, whilst providing reliable and energy efficient solutions.

Why vote for you:

What sets AluFoldDirect apart is that they have the infrastructure to hold a significant amount of stock at all times. This enables them to provide an exceptionally flexible and responsive service. Aluminium windows, bi-fold doors and sliding doors are delivered in just one week unglazed, two weeks glazed. Roof lanterns and flat rooflights in stock sizes and colours are delivered next day.

Incredibly fast and efficient turnaround means that they can fabricate on the fly and in complete harmony with any construction schedule. Coupling this with their strict quality protocols guarantees the highest standards at every stage, so products are delivered on time, right first time, every time.


Website: https://alufolddirect.co.uk

Phone: 01706 260700

Email: info@alufolddirect.co.uk

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