About Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions:

Customers are at the very heart of our business and our unique approach to business attracts more and more installers to Atlas every month. We passionately believe in providing the very best product and service for our customers, which is why we offer a dedicated team of technical experts, seasoned sales personnel and experienced marketeers to deliver an unrivalled partnership support package to installers.

The exciting range of Atlas conservatory products combines beauty, elegance and performance.  Our trademark ultra-slim roof frame graces our collection of orangeries, lanterns, conservatories, verandas, Lean-Tos, Flat Rooflight and the Skyroom – a completely new breed of aluminium orangery roof design.

Why vote for Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions:

You really only have to look at the Atlas roof products to see what it does better than anyone else. With 60% slimmer ridge and hips, 30% slimmer rafter and 50% flatter external profile the Atlas roof is the best looking in the UK.

Unrivalled aesthetics have lead to Atlas becoming the fastest growing lantern roof company in the U.K for the past 2 yrs, reaching a record breaking 200 roofs by October 2016. Atlas is a key factor to the growth in this sector and the desire for homeowners to demand an ultra slim, energy performance roof.  Atlas’s amazing imagery has encouraged homeowners to demand the best in extension design and contemporary orangery living.

Listening to the industry and its customers is at the heart of the Atlas MORE SKY NO ROOF ethos. The Skyroom was the result of customers pining for a contemporary mock orangery which benefited from all the features of an Atlas lantern, and 2016 saw the introduction of the long awaited Atlas Flat Rooflight.

Atlas’s marketing and showroom support is key to helping installation companies grow their aluminium roof sales. The dedicated marketing team go above and beyond to help its customers with their business in a crowded market…and succeed.

Not only is the Atlas product non comparable but so is the care and attention it pays to its customers needs, serving them day and night to make sure they are 100% happy.

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