About the company:

Between Glass Blinds is a leading manufacturer of double-glazed units complete with fully integrated Venetian and pleated blinds hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. Both stylish and contemporary in appearance, easy to maintain with the blinds contained within the sealed unit safe from dust and dirt BGB units are the ideal shading and privacy glazing solution.

Why vote for you:

Between Glass Blinds should win Integral Blinds Company 2018 because of its true versatility. The discreet double glazed integral blind system is suitable for any installation in any environment, internally or externally. 

Between Glass Blinds have been designed innovatively to fit the needs of any building, whether it be for commercial, residential, healthcare, education or office needs. 

They allow an open plan feel to be achieved whilst still ensuring shade and privacy are still possible when needed.

Between Glass Blinds provide the perfect privacy and shading system for any building. Our customers are always at the heart of our business and we understand the importance of great customer service.


Website: http://betweenglassblinds.co.uk

Phone: 020 8500 2200

Email: sales@betweenglassblinds.co.uk

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