About the company:

blu™ provides quality, design and performance in equal measure for discerning customers who want a range of door and window hardware that is as stylish as it is hard wearing.

Every product in the blu™ range is manufactured to the highest standards using 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The result is high performance, corrosion resistance and longevity – even in exposed and coastal settings – combined with an emphasis on design and innovative technology.

A refined range of door and window hardware products that perform as well as they look, no matter the environment.

From statement square mitred pull handles, slick letter plates, pronounced escutcheons, knockers, stunning multipoint lever handles and sleek, contemporary casement stays right through to our range of precision hinges, every product enjoys the same attention to detail and focus on quality, backed up by a dedicated customer service.

blu™ offers the largest suited range of 316 Marine Grade stainless steel products available on the market today.

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We work with leading door and window manufacturers to enhance their own product ranges, elevate their brand and provide an opportunity for them to upsell their doors and windows with a quality range of hardware. Our product range has been designed based on customer feedback to meet their needs in the marketplace. Our aim is to solve the problem of pitting and corroding hardware.

blu’s latest innovative product the KM920 Straight Slide Patio Door Handle, with a solid 316 stainless steel backplate, features new benefits for the end-user homeowner and for the fabricators! 

It is made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to prevent it from pitting and corroding, making it suitable for use in coastal locations and corrosive environments such as by swimming pools – reducing potential site callbacks, increasing the lifespan of the sliding door system and providing customer peace of mind. 

The KM920 Patio Handle enables you to fit a dummy handle which matches the working handle, vastly improving and enhancing the aesthetics of the sliding door system especially when used in multiple door schemes. We’ve made it non-handed meaning you don’t need to stock left and right handed versions. This means less stock-holding for the fabricator and removes the headache of whether a left or right-hand handle is required. 

Part of blu’s suited range of 316 stainless steel hardware for aluminium, timber or PVC, the Straight Slide Patio Door Handle provides a consistent design theme throughout the end-user’s home. 

Last but not least, as with all blu hardware, we provide a Lifetime Guarantee so you can fit the Straight Slide Patio Door Handle with confidence, giving peace of mind to both you and your customer.


Website: https://blu-performance.com/

Phone: 01726 871 724

Email: sales@blu-performance.com

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