About Customade (UK) Ltd:

Customade have made a huge difference to its network of customers and the domestic aluminium sector thanks to the introduction of REAL Aluminium, the complete range of aluminium windows, bifold, sliding doors, residential doors, and roof lantern products on a 2-week lead time.

The dedication and investment from Customade has given PVC installers true confidence in entering the growing sector.

Why vote for Customade (UK) Ltd:

Installers are continuously frustrated by the unreliable service levels, long lead times and complicated pricing models of aluminium which lag way behind PVC. Customade created a solution to help PVC installers to successfully enter the world of aluminium with complete confidence and enhance their profits.

REAL by Customade was launched in July 2016 and has seen incredible growth for the group. Helping it’s network of installers to tap into the enormous potential of aluminium with an unmatched offering that makes pricing, quoting and promoting aluminium easier than ever before and slashes lead times to just 2 weeks!

A step change for the industry REAL Aluminium delivers everything the installer needs to promote and sell the most extensive range of windows, doors and roofs available from ONE SINGLE SUPPLIER.

The marketing and showroom support package is steps ahead of the rest of the market and includes the UK’s first retail brochure dedicated to the full range of aluminium products.

The concept of REAL Aluminium is to simplify everything – quick and easy quoting and ordering; easy pricing and 2 week lead times.

Thanks to the introduction of REAL, Customade are addressing the frustrations of aluminium service levels and lead times.

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