DOORCO is a leading innovator in the composite door industry, with a reputation for building the highest quality doors to match increasing industry demands. We offer a wide range of designs to appeal to both the commercial and retail sectors.

Our unique status as global manufacturers means we are constantly bringing new, customer focused products to the market, for which we offer three levels of supply to our customers:

  • Direct containers orders for large volume fabricators
  • Stock orders from our UK warehouse, where we will supply anything from one door to mixed pallet volumes for distribution customers
  • Prepped door blanks for manufacturing customers, offering customised door specifications on size, hardware, and pre-finish

We stand out from our competitors because, not only is our door the best and most cost effective available – even a company that once knocked the foam filled composite door now stocks and sells a DOORCO blank as part of its offering – but it is designed with our customers, and the issues they face day to day, in mind. Our proven success in this area has allowed rapid growth, and the opportunity to re-invest back in the business to ensure our customer service levels are of the same high standard that customers trust in our doors.

With so many suppliers offering composite doors, DOORCO values the importance of customer service in retaining existing customers, leaving them no reason to look elsewhere. As a leader in quality and innovation, the company has invested heavily across the business in 2015-16 to drive up quality of service for customers.

Fabricators need to know that when they place an order, they don’t have to wait weeks for delivery. As DOORCO’s customer base has grown, so has the importance of stock management so, in November 2015, we moved into a new, 36,000 square foot facility, allowing capacity to hold 20,000 blanks at any one time.

  • Distribution customers can place an order at 3pm, and take delivery the following day
  • Bespoke door specifications for prep customers are turned around in 4-7 days.

To further streamline our processes for prep customers we recently invested £150,000 in a new beam saw, which was installed in Summer. The saw sizes doors more quickly than CNC allows, taking cutting time per door down from 2 minutes to 20 seconds and bringing production capacity up from 1700 to 3500 per month.

For container customers, we remove the worry of being left with stock they cannot shift. Our flexible approach means different designs can be provided in our container deliveries, depending on what works for the customer. Each container contains 26 pallets, giving scope for 26 permutations of design, model and size.

For 2016 we have invested in an extensive suite of marketing support. This includes a new, high quality brochure which can be tailored to include customer branding, colour swatches, and a full bank of quality images which customers can access for their own marketing.

All in all, we have re-invested almost £250,000 into improving our service for existing customers in 2015-16 with recruitment, the new facility, marketing materials, machinery and a stand at the FIT Show in April, where customers and prospects alike could come and meet the manufacturers behind the DOORCO door.

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