About Edgetech (UK) Ltd:

Edgetech have been manufacturing and supplying spacer around the world for over 25 years and are known within the UK industry as the driving force for energy efficiency. From developing the market for warm edge spacer from niche to mainstream with Super Spacer through to hosting high profile seminars about key issues such as WERs and triple glazing Edgetech have made a significant impact.

Edgetech has expanded in recent years from a single component manufacturer to establish itself as a key supply partner for IGU companies. Under its successful ‘just add glass’ campaign Edgetech introduced new products, including the TruPlas rigid box spacer, and became a leading supplier of IGU consumables.

Edgetech’s latest innovation, Super Spacer Alpha, is an exciting step forward in foam spacer design. The innovative new shape offers superior thermal performance at just 0.13 W/mK. Super Spacer Alpha is already helping fabricators to achieve the most cost-effective A+ energy ratings and offers IG manufacturers a 20 percent reduction in sealant usage.

With the widest range of spacers developed for specific applications Edgetech has proven that it understands customer’s requirements and has varied its offering to meet these.

For more information on Edgetech and its range of products visit: www.edgetechig.co.uk

Why You Should Vote For Edgetech (UK) Ltd:

As current holders of the “Spacer Bar Manufacturer” title here are just a few reasons why Edgetech deserves to keep top spot:

1.     The market for warm edge spacer was less than 1% 10 years ago, now due to Edgetech’s effort and tireless promotion demand for warm edge has grown to become 70-80% of the entire spacer market.

2.     Over 1 gigametre (that’s 1 billion metres, equal to 25 times around the world!) of Super Spacer has been extruded since production started.

3.     In excess of 100,000,000 metres of Super Spacer is manufactured worldwide each year, the equivalent to 1 house fitted with IGUs every five seconds.

4.     Edgetech focus on providing excellent service and product quality customers can rely on, backed up with unrivalled technical and sales support teams on hand whenever customers need them.

5.     With increasing performance, application and cost saving requirements placed on UK IGU manufacturers Edgetech are continually developing their spacer systems to meet these demands, delivering value and innovative solutions.

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