Company Name: Edgetech UK

About Edgetech UK:

Starting in the US in 1989, Edgetech arrived in the UK five years later. In 2007 Edgetech started manufacturing Super Spacer flexible warm edge spacer in the UK. The productivity benefits alongside the thermal efficiency of Super Spacer changed the face of IGU manufacturing. Creating cost effective, high performance units has always been the goal for Edgetech, and approximately one third of all units in the UK are made with Edgetech’s spacer products.

Edgetech is part of Quanex Building Products Corporation (NYSE: NX) an industry-leading manufacturer of engineered components, products and systems serving window and door companies in 94 countries worldwide and producing 300 million meters of spacer annually.

Why vote for Edgetech?

1. The market for warm edge spacer was less than 1% 10 years ago, now due to Edgetech’s effort and tireless promotion demand for warm edge has grown to become 70-80% of the entire spacer market.

2. Over 1 gigametre (that’s 1 billion metres, equal to 25 times around the world!) of Super Spacer has been extruded since production started.

3. In 2017 we have invested further in the UK by purchasing another building in Coventry—this will be used to consolidate and improve warehousing while freeing room for exciting new product development—watch this space!

4. We are celebrating 10 years of UK manufacturing and partnership with over 40 customers this year. Customers are our main priority at Edgetech and this year we are focusing on how we can continuously build on the support we offer.

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