Name: Ellie Saunders-Brant

Company: Synseal Group

About Ellie:

I’ve been working with Synseal Group for just over a year now and have seen huge progress across our social media channels. I’m really pleased to see that our followers are growing very rapidly on Twitter and Linked In, with more than 450 new faces following our activity on each channel over the past year, and growth of 140 likes on Facebook – with room still for improvement! By far our biggest achievement this year on social media is the growth we’ve seen on Linked In (you’ve probably seen me tweet about it!) reaching more than 60,000 impressions this month, up from literally 0 back in October 2016. I’m working closely with customers to help promote their products and activity through our social media channels with the launch of our monthly installation competition, which has already seen more than 30 companies submitting entries in just four months. Alongside social media, I also head up our PR and communications activity – it’s important to integrate all three in an effective communications strategy, For me, the biggest asset in good communication is knowing your audience, and understanding the best communications channel(s) to reach them. If you have been impressed with our huge leaps on social media this year, please lend us a vote!

Phone number: 01623 443200

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