About the company:

Elumatec is the market leader for machining centres and saw for aluminium and PVC profiles. Established in 1928, Muhlacker Germany, elumatec has grown into the world’s biggest aluminium machinery company over ninety years in business. 

Winning a global reputation for quality, innovation and excellence in design, elumatec operates in dozens of countries around the world. With our established presence in the UK market since 1990, we serve and support over 2000 customers to excel in different industries. We pride ourselves to find the perfect solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs in the fenestration and industrial sector with our broad portfolio of products, methods and processes.

Why vote for you:

Here at elumatec, we have a passion for excellence and a commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations. 

Bespoke quality products.

Our range of products includes basic, manual-operation machines as well as complex, state-of-the-art profile machining centres with CNC control. All of the elumatec machines are produced in Germany and the focus has always been on performance. Our bespoke machines are designed for technical excellence and quality and are manufactured to last.

Service and exceptional know-how.

We are not only a manufacturer of machinery but also and a service provider. With over 30 years of experience in the UK market, we provide exceptional service to our customers. Our technical aftersales team consists of 8 technically trained expert staff with between 10 to 24 years of experience in the company. In addition, our applications engineers provide training and support to customers in their own production facilities. Customers can also benefit from product demonstrations at our showroom before making a purchase and can have samples from their own production created at our head office in Milton Keynes. 

Pioneers in innovation and software solutions.

“Elumatec is not merely a machinery manufacturer, but a supplier of production systems” Volker Kluber. 
Thanks to our subsidiary elusoft GmbH, we provide smart software solutions specifically for the machining of PVC or aluminium. These solutions enable our customers to quickly and easily create and send programs for the elumatec saws and machining centre’s automatically with our user-friendly software eluCad.


Website: http://www.elumatec.co.uk/

Phone: 01908 580800

Email: info@elumatec.co.uk

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