About the company:

Endurance composite doors are renowned for their strength and security, our 48mm thick cross-bonded veneered laminated solid timber core delivers unrivalled strength and dimensional stability and is a natural choice for high security, providing our homeowners peace of mind.

Endurance doors are made up of 17 laminations making the door nearly 10% thicker than most composite doors. By investing in our doors, you’ll be able to enjoy an unrivalled degree of security and performance.

Many composite doors on the market utilise a traditional ‘stile and rail’ internal subframe, which offers inferior performance when compared to the Endurance solid LVL core. This is important to note when you’re looking for a new door for your home.

Stile and rail sub-frames are usually filled with either a PU foam core, or a mix-species timber core. This notably reduces the inherent strength of the door, and can even result in some doors bowing due to the lack of structural integrity.

With the Endurance design, you can be sure that security and strength are never affected by a poorly designed sub-frame. We know that feeling safe in your home is a priority for you, which is why we make it a priority for us.

Why vote for you:

Our Endurance solid core timber door is very niche and our product is unique. We have worked and developed our products USPs of a solid core, single species timber door creating a strong and stable core.

We’ve utlised our RocFoam product to create our unique Moisture Barrier System, stopping the ingress of water into the door which can lead to swelling and delamination. We’ve sourced our hardware materials wisely too offering customers a 10- year guarantee on our product and this has created a fantastic growth in the business which combined with aftersales care, service engineers and our marketing team has helped us go from strength to strength.


Website: https://endurancedoors.co.uk/

Phone: 01652 228465

Email: sales@endurancedoors.co.uk

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