Company name: Hannah Gilrane – Prefix Systems

Address: Prefix Systems Uk Ltd Cunliffe Rd, Whitebirk Industrial Estate, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 5UA


Phone: 01254 920389


Reason to vote for Hannah:

I did start writing a paragraph of text about social media and what it does for business etc etc and I almost bored myself to sleep so doubt it would have helped me get any votes from you! Instead I thought I would just write 10 reasons I think you should vote for me with the hope that even if you liked one of them it would be good enough to get your vote!!

1) I love social media and networking
2) I manage all social media accounts for Prefix – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn. (as well as managing my sausage dogs Instagram account richmond_mini_dachshund for those asking 😉
3) I try to keep the posts fun & lighthearted – no one ever stops midway scrolling unless it looks worth stopping for.
4) I have grown our following (and accounts – Prefix on Instagram didn’t even exist until 2017!)
5) I keep connected with customers – if you tag us, you’ll get a retweet, if you follow us you’ll get followed back
6) I won Social Networker in 2017 and want to claim the title back!
7) I still get excited when someones replies to one of our tweets or comments on a post
8) If I can help you on social media I will! Message one of our accounts for help with socials for your own business if you need a push in the right direction
9) If something’s happening at Prefix whether than be a new product, product update or even a coffee morning I will post, tweet, share it on our social media accounts so you’re always in the loop.
10) A colleague of mine Joel is also up for an NFA award (Young Person) and as much as I want you to vote for him too, if he does and I don’t I will not hear the end of it!

Please vote for me!

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