About Hannah Howdle

Hi, I’m Hannah Howdle, I am a 22 year old Customer Service Assistant at Truemans Sheffield Branch.
I love my job, my main duties involve dealing with customers, processing orders and quotes and problem solving. I have been here almost two years now and I’m surprised at how much my product knowledge has increased despite only working in the industry for a relatively short time. I now feel that because of the training I have had at Truemans I know a lot about products, profiles, specifications etc. I can now speak to homeowners, fitters and suppliers and feel confident that I know what I am talking about and to even be nominated as Young Person of The Year 2014 is an amazing privilege.
My favourite part of my job is building relationships with customers and providing them with great service. I am very happy to be a “Truemanner” and you should vote for me because it would be great to receive industry recognition and I would really appreciate a reward for the work I have done.
Don’t sit on the Fensa and vote for me!

Why should you vote for Hannah Howdle?

I feel you should vote for me because Truemans put me forward for this award (along with others) and they have, from the beginning, encouraged my development, knowledge and growth within this industry. They back me 100% of the way and believe in me! All my colleagues, company wide, believe in me and believe I can win it!
I want to win because of the over whelming support I have received from them and our customers. I want to make everyone who nominated and voted for me proud.

Company contact details:

Truemans Sheffield Branch
Tel: 0114 247 5513
Fax: 0114 227 4190