About the company:

We at HiTech Blinds enjoy coming to work each day as we’re excited to offer you great quality blinds at an amazing value.  Everyone takes pleasure in life’s little luxuries and we want you to experience this through the amazing transformation the HiTech Blinds can make.

All of the directors have decades of industry experience and after seeing fads and trends come and go, it was clear that blinds within glass was the future and we wanted to be a part of it.  HiTech Blinds was ‘born’ and we have been making customers happy ever since.

Quality has always been at the forefront of our business and delivering value for money is also an essential component.  Our products are specifically selected with this in mind and the HiTech range of blinds fit the criteria.

The HTV Blinds are tested to 10,000 repetitive cycles on both lift and tilt functions which to our knowledge, is unique in the UK to HiTech Blinds.

Why vote for you:

Hitech Blinds Ltd are a relativly new business based in Cambridgeshire but with vast industry knowledge behind it, now supplying the easiest raise and lower integrated symmetrical blind system in the UK, comes in 9 standard colours with a 10 year warranty for registered partners, any RAL coloured perimeter frame and the only supplier in the UK with a dual colour slat of grey on white – service is at the heart of what we are trying to do.


Website: http://hitechblinds.co.uk/

Phone: 0330 6780280

Email: info@hitechblinds.co.uk

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