About the company:

Icotherm design and manufacture the only timber-framed solid conservatory roof system that is thermally efficient, easy to install and a great solution for refurbishing old, unused conservatories across the UK. The innovative roof system is designed to replace glass or polycarbonate conservatory roofs and make them secure and watertight within three hours.

Why vote for you:

Designed and built by conservatory experts with years of experience, Icotherm is the ideal solution for builders and window installers who want to offer conservatory roof refurbishments or build new solid roof conservatories quickly and efficiently.

Fully insulated, fully ventilated and designed for super-fast fitting, Icotherm roofs give installers the opportunity to fit in more jobs every week.

The Icotherm team recognise the great importance of right-first-time for installers so they ensure their systems are built to the highest of standards, and this is why they should win this award.


Website: http://www.icotherm.co.uk

Phone: 01204 773 040

Email: sales@icotherm.co.uk

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