About Ingenious Locks & Hardware

Ingenious Locks and Hardware is a relatively young business in the Fenestration market, and was only founded in 2014.  But , the directors, Nigel Hutchinson and Stuart Carpenter, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and have well over 50 years combined history in the UK hardware market.  The current management team at Ingenious boasts almost 100 years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and supply of High Quality window and door Hardware.

The Ingenious ethos is all around “DELIGHTING the customer” with exceptional products, exceptional quality and exceptional service.  Its approach to customers is all about partnership, and Ingenious believes working together with is its customers will ultimately ensure success for everybody.

In less than 2 years, the Ingenious team has used its vast knowledge to fast track a full range of hardware products for the UK market.  Working with some of the leading business in the industry, It has introduced a class leading, high security range of multipoint locks, stainless steel door handles and letter plates, a full range of zinc and aluminium window and door handles, as well as a range of accessories to compliment.  It brings to the market, operational excellence, supply chain management, and its parent company, the £150m property investment business, Pemberstone (www.pemberstone.com), has within its portfolio of 15 companies, logistical and operational expertise to assist Ingenious and its customer base.

Ingenious is focussed and committed to the UK market, and has done a huge amount of product testing – it has obtained certification and/or approval on almost every product range – the impressive list includes BBA, Secured by Design, PAS 024, BS 6375 pt2, TS007, BS EN 1670 and BS EN 1906.

Ingenious has focused its efforts on a range of high security Multi point locks, and has designed a “family” of products to suit almost every conceivable application – its market leading DUPLEX range, features unique 5 Hook technology, as well as adaptive rollers to ensure the lock continues to operates smoothly over the life of the product – the testing program for this range has been extensive, with some exceptional results – Over 400,000 cycles on perpetual cycle testing, more than 50% higher loads achieved over the current PAS standard, and probably the lowest operating forces in the industry. The DUPLEX range offers both visible, and tangible security and performance benefits in the MPL market, and allows the market to offer something different and unique to the end user.

Why vote for Ingenious Locks & Hardware?

With a constant appetite for continual improvement, both its product range and business performance will continue to evolve based on the latest standards required by the market, but more importantly based on the feedback and requirements from its customers – it is proud to be included among the finalist of the NFA awards so early in its journey!

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