About Kate Whitehead

Kate Whitehead has worked for REHAU Windows for nearly two years. She has expanded her product assistant role to take on the digital content side of marketing. This has included sourcing interesting stories from around the world including Australia and Albania, photographing events and creating promotional videos and designing the successful Installation of the Year competition which ran in 2014 and due to its triumph, is back for 2015. With Kate now dedicating herself to this cause, there will be a lot more interesting digital content to look out for and opportunities for our customers to shine.

Why vote for Kate Whitehead?

Working for REHAU Windows has given me the opportunity to be creative and my main goal has been to support our customers by designing opportunities for them to get involved with us. Our customers are what motivate us all to work hard, and I want to show our appreciation for their loyalty by generating as much support for them as I possibly can.

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