About the company:

If you’re looking for the best classic or modern look designed the way you want…

Korniche has classic timber lines and is constructed from the best in modern materials. You have freedom to configure the strong, slender and carefully detailed rafters to create a bespoke design within the system parameters. If you’re going classic you can have symmetrical rafters with smaller glass spans and if you want to go modern, you can specify minimal rafters giving some of the biggest glazing spans available.

If you’re looking for a wide choice of colours and finish…

You can choose any dual or single colour permutation of our standard colours with a delivery time of just 7-10 days. Want something more individual? The roof can be supplied in any RAL colour you wish, in both single or dual configuration in only 10-14 days.

If you’re looking for the strongest roof on the market…

Engineered to be installed in the harshest environments at sizes up to 6m x 4m you can rest assured that Korniche keeps what’s on the outside out whilst its fully thermally broken construction keeps your family warm inside.

If you want a simple and hassle-free installation

Design innovation provides a “no experience necessary” install suitable for any builder or roofer to follow with no need for any expensive subcontractors.

Why vote for you:

The Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern is the most innovative and well engineered Glass Lantern available today. Fantastic looks through slimline spas and top caps key with innovative one bolt fixings, hidden central bosses and an all in one glazing retainer making the Korniche the easiest, fastest and strongest lantern by far to install.

• Easy step by step installation process – ‘Fitted in minutes, glazed in seconds’
• Fast fabrication and delivery
• Standard colours and specialist RALS
• Bespoke sizes
• Glass options
• Trade Marketing Support & Branded Showroom Samples
• National Homeowner Brand Awareness & Industry Shows
• Site Delivery
• Excellent Service and Customer Support

Vote for Korniche is a vote for innovation in fenestration.


Website: https://www.korniche.co.uk/

Phone: 01642 610799

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