About Liniar

The Liniar PVCu range is designed and extruded by HL Plastics in Derbyshire, the heart of the UK. Launched in 2008, the last seven years have seen the Liniar system become one of the industry’s leading PVCu system companies – due in no small part to its innovative approach to product design and development.

Social media is a critically important part of Liniar’s marketing strategy as it enables us to reach out to, and engage with, followers of our brand on a personal level. We try to aim for ‘fun with a serious intent’ – our Twitter feeds include corporate news such as our latest press releases, images from events we’re attending and latest product news, mixed in with humourous and industry-related information. We also converse regularly with suppliers, customers and homeowners.

With over 1,500 followers, Twitter is Liniar’s most frequently used social media channel. We find it extremely valuable for responding quickly to requests for information and engaging with people both within, and outside of, the fenestration industry.

Installers love to show off their work on Twitter and we’ll always re-tweet a good photo, so it helps them to get exposure too. Our in-house testing robot, Mark II, even has his own Twitter account (@Liniar_robot), and is proud to be followed by the creator of R2D2 and Brian the robot!

Video is also a big focus for us as it enables us to show people exactly why they should use Liniar; so we’d encourage installers to subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch our range of installation and sales videos, and to be notified when a new video is available.

Liniar also has a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ – we think social media is important to make the brand more accessible to a wider audience, through as many channels as possible. There’s also the welcome benefit of better staff communication as they can see what’s going on from both an internal and external, commercial perspective.

Company info:

Liniar, Flamstead House, Denby Hall Business Park, Denby, Derbyshire DE5 8JX
w: www.liniar.co.uk   |   e: sales@liniar.co.uk   |   t: 01332 883900 |   f: 01332 883901

Twitter:                http://twitter.com/Liniarprofiles
Facebook:           http://www.facebook.com/LiniarUK
LinkedIn:             http://www.linkedin.com/company/Liniar
YouTube:             https://www.youtube.com/user/LiniarUK
Google+:             http://plus.google.com/+LiniarCoUk

Pinterest:            https://uk.pinterest.com/LiniarUK/

Why vote for Liniar?

We’re very responsive on our social media channels and like to think they show that, in spite of our growing size, Liniar’s a friendly company to deal with. Follow us to see what we do – and if you like what you see then please vote for Liniar!

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