Company name: Quickslide

Address: Heaton Estate, Bradford Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 4BW


Phone: 08445 610623


Reason to vote for us:

We note that the award’s title is ‘Fabricator of the year’ and not ‘Fabricated product of the year’. The whole industry now produces some amazingly high standard products so to stand out we need to excel in other areas. Quickslide’s ethos is to provide a platform for our personnel to innovate and constantly evolve. This never satisfied mentality means we are a team of nearly 200 all moving forward, all proud and all finding ways of ensuring our staff, customers, and suppliers have a safe, secure, and solid base to work from/with. The ways in which we do this include the following.

Constant attention to safety:
Unlike a mis-make, lost order, or faulty widget. Accidents and Incidents cannot be undone so the attention they are given is the utmost priority in all decisions. We’re confident that our constant innovation in safety is as good as it can be, and this is reinforced by our exemplary record of losing less than 0.05% of time to health and safety issues.

Importance of our living and breathing community:
Quickslide are a community of people and families that work together for mutual benefit.
During life most (if not all) people will experience traumas and the workplace needs to be a safe and secure place people can go and be understood regardless of mental and physical challenges.
Therefore, we work with Bupa to offer all employees a confidential counselling service in case they have any issues they feel uncomfortable discussing at work.

Empowerment of ALL staff:
The only way we can enjoy constant innovative improvement is for it to come from all disciplines and with a determined purpose. Quickslide is set up as a platform for our employees to demonstrate what they can achieve, and opportunities are there for all to be the best they can.
All employees are also psychometrically tested to ensure that they’re going in the right direction for their unique skillset. This saves unnecessary future redeployment, failures etc. and empowers the individual, giving them confidence and purpose.
During the last 10 years we have seen a steady organic growth, and primarily from within, resulting in many individuals now holding senior roles and achieving astonishing results whilst also spreading the corporate risk. Win Win Win

On time in full deliveries:
It’s paramount that our customers get what they ordered when they need it. Through numerous initiatives we currently sit less than 2% from perfection and we’re still improving. The initiatives such as:
Significant investment in new machinery, delivery vehicles and other site improvements (£2,000,000 in the last 18 months)
Always being ahead of production to reduce impact if any unforeseeable events happen.

Trade Partner marketing support:
A huge part of our marketing strategy is to help generate constructive leads for our Trade Partners and positively develop market awareness for our niche areas. From web design, to adverts, flyers or social media, our professional team of marketers work with our Trade Partners for absolute mutual benefit, and when our Trade Partner wins, we win.

After Sales Service:
Anytime a customer needs you, you must be there, is there anything more infuriating than an issue once you’ve bought a product that can’t be resolved? Our Customer Care department has proved invaluable in our progress. Not only does it handle any service issues but of course general customer liaison. Our proficient team take time to understand the purpose of the call and handle it from the inside and while doing so reporting into management to ensure no recurrence.

Innovative products:
New systems have been introduced including huge stock levels to provide choice (quickly).
It’s key that we’re ahead of the product range that’s required. To achieve this, we fabricate multiple systems offering the right solution for the customer and not just for us. These products come on board through huge market research and discussions with our Trade partners.

Dedicated Account Managers:
Relationships are critical in order that consistency is sustained. By assigning dedicated account managers we get to understand the ways certain clients work and ensure we can support them in multiple ways. This is also designed to take the stress away from clients, the account managers are senior staff very proficient with standards, technical limitations, support with awkward quotes and assist with any expedient jobs that maybe required.

Thank you for reading ❤️ We appreciate your vote!

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